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Bharat NCAP: How Will It Make Indian Cars Safer?

Buckle up, India! The game-changing Bharat New Car Assessment Program (#BharatNCAP) is finally hitting the road on August 22nd!

Big names like Maruti Suzuki, Mahindra & Mahindra, and Toyota are giving this program a thumbs-up, seeing a safer future for our streets and a stronger economy!

Bharat NCAP will conduct rigorous crash tests on new cars, assessing factors such as structural integrity, safety features, and occupant protection to award safety ratings.

Voluntary Program: While participation in Bharat NCAP is voluntary, leading automakers are enthusiastic supporters, recognizing the potential to enhance the safety reputation of Indian cars.

Market Transformation: With improved safety ratings, the perception of Indian cars in both domestic and international markets is expected to shift from 'substandard' to 'safe and reliable.'

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