Honda’s electric scooter “SC e” showcased at Tokyo Motor Show 2023

Honda unveiled the SC e: electric scooter idea at the ongoing Japan Mobility Show (commonly known as the Tokyo Motor Show).

Honda sc e concept scooter

The SC e: concept appears to be similar to the EM 1e: e-scooter currently on the market in Europe. However, it appears to be a larger size than the EM 1e:. The SC e: concept, according to Honda, has two replaceable battery packs with a capacity of ‘about 1.3kWh’ apiece. This implies that the SC e: idea has a total capacity of around 2.6kWh.

Although no other technical specifications have been divulged, we can see that the SC e: is equipped with basic components such as a telescopic fork/monoshock and a disc brake/drum brake configuration. Both ends look to have the same size wheels, which are presumably 12-inch ones.

There has been no indication that the SC e: idea would be followed by a series production vehicle, although Honda stated in a news release that company “will begin pursuing carbon neutrality of motorcycles beginning with the commuter category.”

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