Wife Sleeps on Husband’s Lap While He Drives SUV: Is This a Dangerous Trend?

Everyone in the world knows India for its cinema, which we all know as Bollywood. Bollywood has influenced many facets of Indian life throughout the years, and it will continue to do so for as long as it exists. However, some people in the country draw the wrong inspiration from this great cinema and do some extremely terrible things.

What’s more amazing is that they actively share these activities online. A similar stupid deed perpetrated by a couple was recently uploaded online.

Ajeesh Kuttan’s YouTube shorts channel released a video of a couple executing this rather dumb deed. In the footage, a man is seen driving what appears to be an SUV from the American SUV manufacturer Jeep. It is also worth noting that the man is not the only one in the driver’s seat. A woman, most likely the man’s wife, is lying down on his lap in front of the steering wheel, while the man is driving the automobile.

Wife Sleeps on Husband's Lap While He Drives SUV

The actual circumstances of where this original message originated are now unknown. However, the video’s text states, “Only girls can understand these feelings.” Based on the overall production level of the video, it was most likely created by the man or woman in the video’s Instagram account. But we can’t be certain.

As has been stated a million times before, performing acts like this can be extremely risky. In this video, for example, if the vehicle collided with another vehicle or item, the airbag would deploy. This, in turn, has the potential to gravely harm or even kill the couple.

It is also worth noting that the man is not wearing his seatbelt. This is another thing that no one should imitate. Seatbelts have proven to be one of the most essential ways of vehicle safety over the years. However, many people opt to disregard it and drive without it.

This is not the first video of its kind to be shared online. Several couples have already published recordings of themselves doing silly things online. A video of a couple riding a bike recently went viral. The unusual aspect of this film was that, instead of sitting behind the rider, the girl sat facing the man on the tank, her legs wrapped around his. The video was from Delhi, and an investigation has been launched.

The Delhi Traffic Police launched an inquiry and apprehended the culprits shortly after the video became viral. In reaction to the couple’s reckless behaviour, the Delhi Police filed a complaint under relevant provisions and levied a Rs 11,000 fine. Netizens commended the Delhi Police’s action, stating that it sends a strong message to the public about the seriousness of such offences and the need of following traffic laws.

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