California Cops Stumped by Mystery Trucks on Interstate 5 – Unveiling the Tesla Cybertruck’s Stealthy Arrival!

  • California Highway Patrol Left Bewildered as Unmarked Electric Behemoths Roam Interstate 5 – Unveiling the Mysterious Tesla Cybertruck Convoy!”
  • “Tesla’s Cybertruck Sneaks Across California Highways, Baffling Police – Electric Revolution Inches Closer to Reality!

For those interested in electric vehicles, particularly Tesla, the Cybertruck is likely the most anticipated EV ever, as evidenced by the profusion of headlines about the wacky electric truck. While it’s tempting to generalise and assume that everyone is enthusiastic about the Tesla Cybertruck’s impending release, the truth is that many people wouldn’t know what it was if they saw it in person.

Tesla cyber truck spy photo

It actually happened to the California Highway Patrol Buttonwillow, whose officers witnessed not one, but multiple Tesla Cybertrucks being transported on Interstate 5 by a few auto haulers – three vehicles on each transporter – yesterday.

CHP Buttonwillow shared many images on Facebook of the unmasked Tesla Cybertrucks being hauled northbound on Interstate 5, and they were perplexed as to what trucks they were viewing. “One of our units spotted a few car haulers loaded with some strange trucks travelling northbound on Interstate 5 this morning.” I’m curious what they are. “What are they doing?” CHP Buttonwillow announced the news on their Facebook page (via Teslarati).

We initially assumed the officers were mocking their Facebook followers, but it turns out they were actually ignorant of the strange-looking trucks’ make and model, especially given the lack of apparent badging. However, reactions to CHP Buttonwillow’s post revealed that the Tesla Cybertruck is well-known among Facebook users. Having said that, some individuals expressed surprise that the Cybertruck was not cancelled and that it is genuinely going into production.

Imagine the amazement of everyday Joes and Janes when Tesla Cybertruck sales begin later this year and the electric truck becomes a common sight on US roadways. It will almost certainly be a memorable occasion, reminding people of Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s February remarks that the Cybertruck would effectively ‘transform the face of the highways’.

According to CHP Buttonwillow’s comments that the car transporters were travelling north on Interstate 5, the Tesla Cybertrucks’ most likely destination is Fremont, where Tesla’s first vehicle assembly plant is located. The engineering headquarters of the corporation are situated in the neighbourhood, in adjacent Palo Alto.

In mid-July, Tesla revealed that the first Cybertruck had been manufactured at Giga Texas. Earlier this year, Elon Musk stated that the Austin location would conduct a handover celebration near the “end of the third quarter,” which would most likely be late September.

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