Tata Motors Replaces Nexon EV Battery for Free After Customer Complains of Range Issues

Several Tata Nexon EV customers have recently reported a dramatic reduction in the state of charge (SOC) of their vehicles. One such event was reported on T-BHP by cool_dube, who had this problem after driving 15,000 kilometres in his 14-month-old Nexon EV Prime.


The incident occurred twice in the last ten days, according to the owner. He said that the battery behaves flawlessly from 100% to roughly 30% charge, but then the SOC rapidly lowers. When comparing the decline, he discovered that while his automobile travels roughly 2 kilometres for every 1% charge above 30%, it only travels a few hundred metres for every 1% charge below 30%. In one case, his Nexon EV travelled only 9 kilometres with the remaining 28% of its reported battery, nearly leaving him stranded.

Despite adopting best practises for extending battery life, such as allowing SOC to go below 20% and charging the vehicle overnight on a slow charger, the problem persisted. It should be noted that Tata Motors does not manufacture these EV batteries; they are obtained from a third party.

The Tata Nexon EV battery, fortunately, comes with an 8-year warranty. As a result, the battery was changed for free by the service centre. Tata Motors’ battery engineer division assessed the battery and agreed to replace it under warranty within three days. The battery replacement process normally takes a fortnight, however in this case, it took only three days.

The owner has driven the vehicle for roughly 450 km since the replacement, and he now gets about 195 kilometres of range. Following battery replacement, the battery’s behaviour has become more predictable.

Another Complaint

Doddappa S Nisty, another Tata Nexon EV user, posted his experience on the Tata Nexon EV Group Karnataka Facebook page in 2022. He said that he had owned the vehicle for two years and had already travelled over 68,000 kilometres. However, he ran into a problem in which the Nexon EV would stall when the battery charge dropped to 15%. Concerned about the expense of replacement, he enquired and was told that it would be Rs 7 lakh. The owner did not specify the source of this information, hence its veracity is unknown.


Fortunately, Tata Motors has an 8-year guarantee on the Nexon EV battery, so the Tata service centre replaced it for free. The owner was pleased with the outcome, claiming that the automobile now feels like new. Surprisingly, Tata Motors has not publicly stated the cost of the battery replacement.

This Tata Nexon EV is one of the most driven by a client thus far. Covering 68,000 miles in just two years implies an average monthly usage of roughly 3,000 km, which is unusual. Because electric car batteries are still relatively new, user input is limited.

Although Tata Motors provides an 8-year or 1.6 lakh mile warranty on the Nexon EV battery pack, the ownership cost of the car after the warranty period is interesting to examine.

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