MG4 Electric Long Range: The most affordable electric car with a range of over 500 km

Morris Garage has added a long-range variant to its popular electric compact. The Long Range version of the MG4 Electric is now available. A version that has already been priced in Spain and is ready to assault dealers. According to the WLTP cycle, the new MG4 Electric Long Range can drive up to 520 km on a single charge.


The MG4 Electric is the best. Morris Garage has chosen to add new and highly unique variations to its renowned electric car lineup. Some variants that greatly broaden the potential audience for MG’s first 100% electric compact. We stated in a previous piece that the new MG4 XPOWER is set to hit showrooms. It is already known how much the most powerful version of the deal costs.

Now we must concentrate on the version for the general population who wishes to go large distances in this electric vehicle. The MG4 Electric Long Range has already been priced in Spain. It is, as the name implies, a version with high autonomy that allows you to drive a long distance on a single charge. Our dealerships are already receiving the new MG4 Electric Long Range. The first units will be available shortly.


Until now, the Comfort model has served as the MG4 Electric’s variant with the most autonomy. A vehicle that, it should be noted, combines a 64 kWh battery with a 150 kW (204 CV) motor to achieve a WLTP cycle range of 450 km.

According to the WLTP cycle, the new MG4 Electric Long Range has a range of 520 km. Charging periods differ based on the electrical outlet utilised. The highest DC charging capability of this model is 144 kW.

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