Toyota Unveils All-New Vellfire MPV: More Luxurious, Powerful, and Ready to Dominate the Roads

  • Toyota sets the stage with the highly anticipated launch of the all-new Vellfire MPV, showcasing stunning design and advanced features.
  • Prepare for a luxurious ride with the spacious interior, comfortable seating for up to six passengers, and a host of premium amenities.

Toyota has revealed the first official photographs and facts about the all-new Vellfire MPV, which was leaked last month. The new Toyota Vellfire is a sibling model to the more premium second-generation Lexus LM350h MPV, which debuted a few weeks ago. The new Vellfire will first be available in Japan, followed by other markets.

The latest-generation Vellfire MPV, like the Lexus LM, is a completely new car. It is lighter than its predecessor and now rests on Toyota’s TNGA-K modular chassis. The new Vellfire retains its boxy design and is slightly longer than the previous model, measuring just under five metres. The Vellfire features a three-metre-long wheelbase with seating for up to six people thanks to its cab-forward design.

The Vellfire’s general body shape, including the glasshouse, is very similar to the Lexus LM. In terms of design, the new Vellfire appears to have picked up where the previous model left off. The MPV’s overall profile is clearly Vellfire, but closer inspection reveals numerous changes. First and foremost, the side glasshouse is now a single unit with a notable curve merging with the front door windows, and it no longer has a prominent divider aft of the driver’s door. The pillars have also been darkened with a chrome edge to give the MPV a more expensive appearance.

The MPV’s fascia, including some elements of the bumper, is dominated by a massive six-slat grille. The grille features a huge Toyota logo in the centre, and the headlamps flanking the grille on either side are divided into two sections, with the top one being slightly longer and containing the main projector headlamp setup. A conspicuous connecting chrome strip begins vertically below the headlamp on one side and connects to the other in a U-shaped design on the chin.

The MPV has a V-shaped tail-lamp enclosure with ample chrome trim, prominent Vellfire badging, and a large Toyota logo in the centre. A huge spoiler at the top holds the third stop lamp and has a chrome surround. The U-shaped chrome surround continues around the rear, starting vertically on one side and linking to the other.

Interior Features

The new Vellfire, like its predecessor, prioritises passenger comfort. It gets a redesigned and more comfortable seat design, a huge overhead console for passengers to handle various car systems, many air conditioning vents, and newly designed pull-down sun shades.

Toyota claims that the new Vellfire features lower vibrations and more sound deadening material than the previous model. Because most car functions are now integrated into the huge touchscreen that sits in the centre of the dashboard, the new Vellfire has a much simpler-looking dashboard with fewer buttons than the outgoing model.

The electronic parking brake button, drive modes, and traction control controls surround the gear lever in the centre console. The driver now has a digital instrument cluster and a redesigned steering wheel style. The new Vellfire has a Super-Long Overhead Console (as Toyota refers to it). Interior ambient lighting elements, various controls, and AC vents are located in the centre of the roof rather than on the sides as was the case with the previous Vellfire. The sunroof of the new Vellfire has independently openable right- and left-side blinds.

The Vellfire’s Executive Lounge option, which was also available in India on the previous model, includes captain chairs with a retractable table as well as seat heating and ventilation. A new detachable control panel allows passengers to customise media temperature settings and sunshades.


The new Vellfire is available with two engine options: a turbocharged 2.4-litre four-cylinder petrol engine producing 275hp and 430Nm of torque and connected to a CVT gearbox. The second available powerplant is a 2.5-litre, four-cylinder petrol-hybrid with a combined power output of 250hp and an e-CVT gearbox.

The departing Toyota Vellfire was a popular model for the company in India, and it currently has no direct competitors. While there has been no official confirmation from Toyota, we expect the new Vellfire to arrive in India early next year.

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