Big Safety Tech: Ola Electric Unveils Helmet Detection System to Transform Rider Safety in India’s Two-Wheeler Market

  • Ola Electric pioneers game-changing helmet detection technology for electric two-wheelers, ensuring rider safety takes center stage in India’s largest two-wheeler market.”
  • “Taking rider protection to the next level, Ola’s innovative system not only detects helmet usage but also automatically transitions the vehicle to Park mode if the rider is not wearing a helmet, setting a new standard for safety-conscious riding.”

While India is currently the largest two-wheeler market, our country is not known for being at the forefront of rider safety. Riding without a helmet is not uncommon on our roads, and Ola Electric is developing a helmet detecting system for its electric two-wheelers to address this.

Ola’s helmet detection technology employs a camera to determine whether or not the rider is wearing a helmet. It then provides this information to the Vehicle Control Unit (VCU), which relays it to the Motor Control Unit, which determines whether or not the vehicle will convert to Ride mode.

If the vehicle is in Ride mode and the system detects that the rider is not wearing a helmet, the EV will transition to Park mode automatically. When the car is in Park mode, a notification on the dash will show to remind the rider to wear a helmet. Only if the system detects that the rider is wearing a helmet will the VCU let the electric scooter/bike to enter Ride mode and continue to monitor the rider.


TVS also recently stated that it was working on a camera-based helmet reminder system, but Ola’s technology will go a step further by not allowing the vehicle to run if the rider is not wearing a helmet. In the instance of TVS, just a warning message is displayed to the rider, and no mention of the vehicle being locked in Park mode has been made.

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