Toyota Unveils All-New C-HR: Radical Design, Longer Wheelbase, and Plug-In Hybrid Power!”

  • Toyota’s highly anticipated second-generation C-HR crossover stuns with its radical design and advanced technologies.
  • The new C-HR features a longer wheelbase for increased interior space, flush door handles for improved aerodynamics, and offers a plug-in hybrid variant alongside the traditional self-charging hybrid option.
Toyota Unveils All-New C-HR

Toyota revealed the Prologue concept in late 2022, announcing that the C-HR would receive a second generation. Since then, we’ve seen the quirky subcompact crossover in prototype form while camouflaged, and now we get our first look at the production version. The enigmatic teaser shows a rear light signature with three parallel lines on each side flanking the lighted make and model text.

Is it safe to assume that the classic Toyota logo has been removed from the tailboard? At this time, it’s unknown, however the prototype we saw testing at the Nürburgring still had the oval and was also concealing some sort of inscription to the right of the licence plate. The Prologue idea strongly suggests that the Japanese automaker’s B-segment crossover has been completely reworked by its Euro team at ED2 in southern France.

According to the limited information that have been disclosed thus far, the new C-HR sports slightly shorter overhangs while being more spacious on the inside, which can only indicate the wheelbase has been lengthened. For greater aerodynamics, the door handles on the compact crossover are flush with the body. Toyota’s “Hammerhead” front fascia is inspired by recent models but is a little more young in order to better cater to the model’s target population.

Aside from a completely new design, Toyota has revealed that a plug-in hybrid variant will be offered for the forthcoming C-HR. The PHEV will employ European-made batteries and will be available alongside the traditional self-charging hybrid.

This new C-HR will be sold alongside Toyota’s other diminutive crossovers, like the Yaris Cross and the smaller Aygo X. The latter is an A-segment hatchback with tough styling influences, because everything these days has to be an SUV.

The second-generation C-HR, “featuring edgy design and advanced technologies,” will debut on June 26 and be on sale in Europe before the end of the year. Toyota has opted not to bring the vehicle to the US and Canada.

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