Watch the Incredible Transformation of Maruti Suzuki Fronx: Modified with Striking Wrap and Massive 17-Inch Alloy Wheels, It’s the Epitome of Mean and Muscular


Maruti Suzuki, the country’s largest automaker, just introduced its newest crossover SUV, the Fronx, to the market. This new crossover is one of the brand’s most original and innovative goods, and it has impressed a wide range of purchasers in the country since its release. The Fronx has already began shipping, and a few folks have already begun altering this new crossover. A video of one of the country’s first customized Maruti Suzuki Fronx cars was recently uploaded on YouTube.

The Car Show published a video of the customized Maruti Suzuki Fronx on their YouTube account. The video begins with the presenter introducing the vehicle and stating that this Fronx is one of the most aggressive-looking variants available. He then does a walkaround of this Fronx, pointing out that the owner has covered it in a high gloss black colour, which looks really stunning.

The presenter shows that the car is completed in Nexa blue underneath but has been entirely covered. Beginning with the front of the vehicle, he notes that the company’s grille is finished in black, but the owner of this car has painted the chrome bar in the center and the Maruti Suzuki emblem in black. He also mentions that the lower trims, which are matte black by default, have been painted in high gloss black to give it a blacked-out mafia effect.

Continuing, he shows the car’s side profile and says that, despite being the top-spec variant (Alpha MT), the model has 17-inch aftermarket alloy wheels with red brake callipers and red accents. The presenter informs out that the Fronx comes standard with inch diamond-cut alloy wheels. He also mentions that the owner has painted the side claddings and roof rails in high gloss black. Moving on, the presenter displays the back of the car and notes that all of the insignia on the back have been painted in high gloss black, further emphasising its mean aspect.


The presenter then moves on to the interior of the car, stating that the owner has made few changes. He does, however, hint that the automobile would shortly get new leather seat covers. The presenter then shows the car’s infotainment screen and discusses the controls on the side of the steering wheel.

He then shows off the doors and mentions that the owner has added an aftermarket sound system. Another notable alteration made by the owner of this specific car is the noise insulation dampening of the doors. The presenter emphasizes the huge difference in noise level before and after dampening.

Finally, he drives the car and discusses his opinions of Maruti Suzuki’s 1.0-liter turbocharged petrol engine.

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