Alpine Unveils Mind-Blowing Limited-Edition A110 R Le Mans: A 100-Year Tribute to Le Mans with Cutting-Edge Aerodynamics and Unrivaled Performance

  • “Alpine Pays Homage to Le Mans Legacy with Exclusive A110 R Le Mans: Limited to 100 Units of Aerodynamic Excellence and Thrilling Performance!”
  • “Unleashing the Spirit of Le Mans: Alpine’s A110 R Le Mans Limited Edition Offers Lucky Owners VIP Access and a Thrilling Lap Around the Iconic Circuit!”
Alpine Unveils Mind-Blowing Limited-Edition A110 R Le Mans

To mark the 100th anniversary of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Alpine is presenting a limited-edition car packed with the most advanced aerodynamic and lightweight technology. Only 100 of the A110 R Le Mans will be produced, and it will be inspired by its own history in the historic event.

“This iconic limited series follows in the legendary footsteps of the GTA Le Mans, combining sophisticated aerodynamics with an incredible power-to-weight ratio, as did the Alpine M63, the first Alpine to compete at Le Mans in 1963,” Alpine sales vice president Emmanuel Al Nawakil said. “The A110 R Le Mans is the most radical A110, celebrating even more radical competition.”

The special edition model is built around the A110 R, which already offers outstanding performance characteristics. On a long enough road, such as the Mulsanne straight, it can hit 62 mph (100 km/h) in 3.9 seconds and carry on to 177 mph (285 km/h).

Alpine Unveils Mind-Blowing Limited-Edition A110 R Le Mans

The Alpine A110 R Le Mans has suspension settings calibrated specifically for high speeds, making it even more stable on straights like that one. Alpine’s “Road & Track chock,” a patented device that stiffens the car by 5% for increased stability on long straights, was used to accomplish this.

The Le Mans edition, like the A110 R, has a carbon roof, wheels, monocoque, and Sabelt bucket seat. The limited edition model’s carbon wing is designed to resemble the racecars that participate on the Circuit de la Sarthe each year. Furthermore, the model features a different livery. The car’s carbon fibre sections are painted white, with a thin blue double racing stripe running down the middle, emphasised by blue fins on the rear wing. The blue theme is continued by the piping strip around the outside of the wheels.

The front French flag recognises the shared tradition of the famed race and Alpine. The shark fin on the carbon rear window panel expressly mentions the A480, its most recent adversary in the race.

In order to properly wow consumers, future owners of the A110 R Le Mans will join Alpine’s “Band of Racers” and enjoy exclusive access to the Alpine Elf Endurance Team facilities during the Le Mans 2024 event. They will also be able to do a lap around the track the morning before the race.

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