TVS Revolutionizes Rider Safety in India with AI Camera-Based Helmet Reminder System, Setting New Industry Standards

  • TVS Spearheads Two-Wheeler Safety in India with Groundbreaking AI Camera-Based Helmet Detection System
  • Promoting Responsible Riding: TVS Takes a Leap Forward in Rider Safety by Prioritizing Helmet Usage through Innovative Technology

Significant challenges, particularly for two-wheelers, must be rectified in India’s road safety scene. With such a large population reliant on motorbikes and scooters for mobility, the country sees an alarming frequency of road accidents involving these vehicles.

TVS has always been in the forefront of improving two-wheeler safety features through the implementation of new safety measures. The organisation prioritises rider safety in order to provide a safer riding experience for its clients.

There is a good chance that future TVS motorcycles and scooters will include an AI camera-based system that detects whether the rider is wearing a helmet.

Speaking at a colloquium, Vinay Harne, President of New Product Development at TVS, announced that TVS is creating a helmet reminder system that employs AI cameras. If this system detects that a rider is not wearing a helmet, it will display a reminder message, advising the rider to put on a helmet. Furthermore, Harne stated that the camera-based helmet reminder system is being developed for many models and will be available soon.

He also stated that TVS is currently developing various rider safety technologies, such as enhanced rider support systems, early warning systems, and automatic braking systems.

When it comes to two-wheeler technology, TVS is known for being a disruptor. TVS previously made waves by including connectivity facilities on its two-wheelers, which were previously only available on premium two-wheelers.

If the helmet detecting technology is used on the company’s two-wheelers, it will be the first in the Indian market. Several states in our country have heavily relied on this AI technology. Over 700 artificial intelligence (AI) cameras were recently placed in Kerala to detect traffic regulation infractions.

These AI cameras are intended to detect traffic regulation breaches such as driving without a seatbelt, riding without a helmet, texting while driving, overspeeding, and riding with more than one pillion.

The idea by TVS to install artificial intelligence-powered camera systems to detect helmets on riders is a big step towards improving rider safety and promoting responsible riding practises among two-wheeler commuters. The camera system will undoubtedly encourage people to ride safely and use safety equipment, particularly in a heavily populated country like India, where responsible riding has enormous potential.

With this step, TVS sets an example for the industry by prioritising rider safety. As technology advances, we should expect many more innovations like this to ensure rider safety in the near future.

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