Honda Unveils Its Stylish and Powerful e:Ny1 Electric SUV with 412 km Range and 45-Minute Quick Charge

  • Honda’s latest all-electric vehicle, the e:Ny1 SUV, was unveiled in Germany during the company’s European Media Event.
  • The e:Ny1 is built on a new EV platform and features a 62kWh battery pack, 201bhp power output, and a maximum range of 412 km on a single charge, with quick charging from 10% to 80% taking just 45 minutes.

The Honda e:Ny1 electric SUV has been unveiled by the Japanese automaker. The Honda e:Ny1 (pronounced “e-en-why-one”) is the Japanese automaker’s second all-electric vehicle.

The Honda e:Ny1 debuted during the company’s European Media Event in Offenbach, Germany. Honda’s all-electric B-segment SUV introduces a new all-electric identity.

The new white Honda ‘H’ insignia featured on the nose of the EV, wheel centre caps, and steering wheel reflect this new identity. In addition, the Honda lettering on the tailboard has been updated with a new typeface.

The new Honda e:Ny1 features design characteristics that aficionados of the Japanese manufacturer will recognise.

The most noticeable difference is the flat front grille, which houses the charging outlet for the electric SUV. The front end also has some lights that only flash when charging the e:Ny1 and wink at you when the charging cable is disconnected. The Honda e:Ny1 sits on stylish alloy wheels and has a roof-mounted spoiler as well as full-width light-bar LED taillights.


The inside of the all-new Honda e:Ny1 is focused on technology. A 10.25-inch digital instrument panel sits behind the steering wheel with the white Honda emblem. The dashboard’s centre part incorporates a vertically aligned 15.1-inch touchscreen instrument cluster with three unique areas that control various components of the e:Ny1. The top section has navigation and smartphone connectivity choices, while the middle level includes audio controls and EV-specific capabilities. The final and lowest portion is in charge of the A/C and seat ventilation.

The Honda e:Ny1 is built on an all-new EV platform known as e:N Architecture F. The new e:Ny1 is powered by a 62kWh (usable) lithium-ion battery pack, allowing the electric SUV to travel 412 km on a single charge.

The electric battery pack provides power to a single electric motor, which drives the front wheels. This motor has a max torque of 310Nm and a power output of 201bhp.


The Honda e:Ny1 has a maximum charging speed of 76kW with DC power. Nonetheless, quick charging from 10% to 80% takes only 45 minutes. Honda boasts that the e:Ny1 can charge for 100 km in just 11 minutes. The Honda e:Ny1 is the Japanese company’s second all-electric car.

However, we should not anticipate this electric SUV to arrive in India anytime soon, since the manufacturer will initially go down the hybrid route in the subcontinent.

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