Bulletproof Mahindra Thar : Checkout the complete details in this viral video

  • A YouTuber named Mihir Galat has revealed India’s first bulletproof new Mahindra Thar in a video on his channel.
  • The bulletproof Thar cost approximately Rs 10-12 lakh to modify, in addition to the Rs 18 lakh for the vehicle, and is expected to be approved by the government soon.

The Mahindra Thar lifestyle off-roader is one of India’s newest and most popular SUVs. This SUV is well-liked for its off-road capabilities as well as its road presence. Many people have modified it since its release to suit their own tastes, but in a recent video, we see something that has never been done to a later version of the Mahindra Thar. The presenter delivers a full walkaround of what he claims is India’s first bulletproof new Mahindra Thar in this video.

Mihir Galat’s YouTube channel has released a video of this bulletproof Mahindra Thar. This YouTuber is known for delivering some of the most unusually modded cars from North India, and this is without a doubt one of the very first of its sort. The film begins with a look of the bulletproof Mahindra Thar and its owner. The vlogger then poses his first question: Is this the country’s first bulletproof Mahindra Thar? The owner responds that he has not heard of any new bulletproof Thar till now. He claims that there are some earlier Thars that are bulletproof, but there is no other bulletproof Thar in the country of the new generation.

Moving on, the vlogger states that no one can tell from the outside that this specific Mahindra Thar is bulletproof. The vehicle’s owner then states that they intended the vehicle to be covert so that no one knew about its protective capabilities. The owner then shows us the front door of the automobile, which is incredibly substantial. In the video, he then bangs on the front door window to demonstrate that it is bulletproof glass. The presenter then turns to the back and shows the back of the car.

The front doors are bulletproof, according to the owner, but the back doors and glasses are not. Instead, there is a smaller bulletproof chamber or box-like construction. He specifies bulletproof ballistic metal between the outer body and the inner body construction of the front doors. However, the entire back hatch has its own enclosure for the rear seat part. The individuals in the back will likewise be safe, as will the entire vehicle. As the owner of this Thar remarked, it can be imagined as sitting within an enclosed room.

Following that, the presenter inquires with the vehicle’s owner about the cost of making this Mahindra Thar bulletproof. The owner responds that it cost them roughly Rs 10-12 lakh for the complete operation, in addition to the Rs 18 lakh they paid for the automobile. He went on to say that they acquired the car and had it modified into a bulletproof vehicle at a bulletproof factory. He also stated that the car will be approved by the government shortly because bulletproofing a car requires special licences and owners must justify why they need their vehicles to be bulletproof.

Following that, the presenter drives the car and remarks that it feels extremely heavy, and that the rear box appears to move when the brakes are used. The owner and presenter then discuss the car’s fuel economy, with the owner mentioning that despite the additional 900 kgs of weight, the car still manages to produce a mileage of roughly 13-14 kmpl.

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