Breaking News: Unmasked Hyundai Creta EV Spotted Testing on Indian Highways – A Game-Changer for the EV Market!

  • “Unmasked Hyundai Creta EV Spotted Testing on Bangalore-Chennai Motorway with No Radiator or Exhaust”
  • “Hyundai’s Revolutionary Creta EV Set to Launch in India in 2025 with a Projected Range of 400km on a Single Charge”

The next Hyundai Creta EV has been sighted testing once more, this time with no disguise. The electric version of the Hyundai Creta was sighted on the Bangalore-Chennai motorway by team-bhp member MAS.

The team-bhp member stated on the forum that the Creta EV test mule lacked a radiator and an exhaust, and that the front and rear bumpers were a different shade of silver than the rest of the vehicle.

The Creta’s unmasked test mule is identical to the present version of the compact SUV driven by fossil fuels. With a debut date of 2025, we expect the Creta EV to look much different when it hits the streets in a few years.

Hyundai has already begun testing the facelifted version of the ICE-powered Creta SUV, which is anticipated to arrive in India in 2024. The facelift is expected to put the Creta’s appearance more in line with Hyundai’s other models.

The electric powertrain that will power the Hyundai Creta when it arrives in India is unknown. We expect Hyundai to use the powertrain from the forthcoming 2023 Kona EV.

Powertrain and Driving Range of Hyundai Creta EV

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The 2023 Kona EV is available with either a 48.4kWh or a 65.4kWh battery pack, with the latter providing a 490km (WLTP) range on a single charge. The Creta is expected to have a range of 400 kilometres on a single charge. The new Creta EV, like the Kona EV and the flagship Ioniq 5 for India, is another attempt by Hyundai to revolutionize the electric car market for the better.

Hyundai is scheduled to launch the all-new Creta EV in India around the time of the Auto Expo 2025, when its main rival, the production-spec Maruti Suzuki EVX, will also make its debut.

The Hyundai Creta EV is projected to increase the number of Indians who drive EVs, as the ICE-powered version of the SUV is one of the most popular SUVs in India.

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