New Spy Shots Reveal Bajaj-Triumph Scrambler Collaboration – Get Ready to Rev Up Your Engines!

  • Bajaj takes over Triumph’s sales and service operations in India, and their first joint motorcycle will hit the market in 2023.”
  • “The upcoming Bajaj-Triumph Scrambler boasts a liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine with a displacement of 300-400cc, and is expected to be priced around Rs 3.5 lakh (ex-showroom), with features like dual-channel ABS and semi-digital instrumentation.

The first Bajaj-Triumph motorcycle will be available in 2023, and Bajaj has taken over Triumph’s sales and service operations in India. The upcoming Bajaj-Triumph scrambler model has been spotted testing in India once more, revealing new details and indicating that an official launch isn’t far away.

While this scrambler version of the Bajaj-Triumph has been spotted before, the shots this time are much clearer, closer up, and in focus for a longer period of time, almost as if the rider knew he was being shot and didn’t mind.

Engine and Transmission of Bajaj Triumph scrambler

At its heart is a liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine with a displacement of 300-400cc. We personally witnessed another test mule of this model reaching 150kph while testing, so expect performance figures more akin to the KTM 390 Adventure than the Royal Enfield Himalayan. The cylinder head shape suggests DOHC architecture, which would imply four valves per cylinder.

The engine’s side covers are strikingly similar to those of Triumph’s twin-cylinder Bonneville line-up, right down to the clutch being on the left and the chain/sprocket on the right, as is customary. The dual-barrel exhaust system is still present, so it should make its way onto the production bike, which is fantastic news.


Features and Design

The overall shape of the motorcycle is visible because there is no camouflage or cladding, and it should cut a rather handsome figure once it is officially revealed to the world. The headlight is similar to what you’d find on a Bobber, the high beak-type fender is similar to what you’d find on the twin-cylinder Scrambler models, and the fuel tank with its offset fuel filler is very Bonneville. The tail-lamp isn’t inspired by any existing Triumph, but it looks very cool, as do the side panels.

The riding position appears to be very relaxed and comfortable – the pegs are set in the middle and the bar sweeps back nicely to the rider. A handlebar brace can also be seen. The pillion seat, on the other hand, appears to be on the small side, and the pillion footpegs appear to be set quite relaxed.

One of the most significant revelations in these spy shots is the instrumentation, which will be semi-digital in design. There appears to be a large analogue tachometer, as well as a digital display, which is most likely an LCD unit. The absence of a semiconductor-intensive TFT screen indicates that Bajaj and Triumph intend to make this bike affordable, both to buy and to manufacture.

All of the lights appear to be LEDs, though the LED indicators could be accessories – the bike has previously been seen with simpler halogen indicators. Other features to expect include dual-channel ABS and possibly traction control or a quickshifter (Bajaj’s experience with KTM may allow it to implement this affordably).


Chassis and Body of Bajaj Triumph scrambler

Close-up shots show that the headstock and downtubes are one piece, as opposed to the Royal Enfield 650s, which have a bolted joint at this location. The Bajaj-rear Triumph’s subframe will be bolt-on, and the monoshock will be offset. The bike has an upside-down fork up front, and the video footage shows it gliding smoothly over some hefty rumble strips. Suspension travel appears to be on the higher side – likely not as much as an ADV, but more than a typical street bike. The 19-inch front wheel will also help to improve ride quality and overall stability.

Price of Bajaj Triumph scrambler

There are several hints here that an official unveiling and launch of this motorbike is not far off. For starters, it’s been six years since Bajaj and Triumph announced their collaboration, and it’s only been a little more than a year since this scrambler was first spotted testing on public roads. These timelines are typical for an entirely new platform and product like this.

Then there’s the arrival of the test mule. Everything appears to be in good condition; most visible bolt heads have torque markings (indicators of a trial production run), and there are almost no rough edges – the only exception is a missing rear left indicator.

Finally, there’s the video’s unusual nature. We frequently come across test mules being road tested on specific routes, and more often than not, the rider is irritated to be spotted and recognised, and even more irritated to be photographed or videotaped, especially when a vehicle is in its early stages. In this case, however, the cameraperson can easily keep up with the test mule, and the rider makes no attempt to avoid being spotted or photographed.

Pricing will ultimately be determined by how much displacement the engine in this bike has. We anticipate that it will be priced around Rs 3.5 lakh (ex-showroom) and will be comparable to the KTM 390 Adventure in terms of performance and price.

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