Miracle on the Road: Kia Car Hits Loose Truck Tyre, Flies 10 Feet in the Air, and Driver Walks Away Unharmed”


A video of a Kia Soul flying down the highway has gone viral on Twitter, thanks to a Tesla on Autopilot that recorded the incident on its dash cam.

Anoop Khatra was driving his Tesla down the highway when a Kia Soul sped by in the fast lane. It was soon passing a truck in the adjacent lane. The truck’s front left tyre blew out and rolled right under the Kia, launching it ten feet into the air.

The Kia Soul landed on its nose on the road, parts and debris flying everywhere. The Testa’s Autopilot system swerved automatically to avoid the flying wheel and safely came to a stop. The Kia was eventually put back on four wheels, and the runaway tyre hit it from behind again for good measure – this time without causing any further damage to the car or the people inside.

source :Youtube /Anoop_Khatra

According to Anoop Khatra, the Kia driver walked away unharmed. The accident severely damaged the car. This is the video that proves the importance of seatbelts.

Tesla drivers and other road users have found the feature useful in providing footage of accidents that would otherwise be difficult for investigators to understand.

The seat belts kept the Kia driver from being thrown around the cabin or jostled during the crash landing. Investigators are investigating whether the truck’s wheel spacers caused the wheel to detach from the vehicle.

All Tesla models manufactured after March 2018 include the Dashcam feature, which uses the car’s video cameras to capture footage while driving and allows the driver to save the captured videos to a USB stick. Following a software update in 2020.12.5, the videos will also be viewable on the car’s main screen.

This is a rare case in which even careful driving would not have helped the Kia driver – but the car did. While travelling long distances on a highway, we all overtake hundreds of vehicles. But no one expects a wheel to come off and roll under your car.

The driver would have too little time, as in this case, where everything happened in a fraction of a second. No amount of reflexes or defensive driving could have saved the driver, but the car’s safety structure most emphatically did! If you needed another reason to buy a high-quality vehicle, this is it.

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