Exclusive Look Inside MG’s Upcoming Comet EV: Futuristic Interior Design and Cutting-Edge Features Unveiled

  • MG Motor’s upcoming electric car, the Comet EV, is based on the Wuling Air EV sold in Indonesia and is set to be a premium intra-city runabout with a minimalist interior theme and a range of up to 250km.
  • The Comet EV will feature a two-spoke steering wheel, a dual-screen setup with two 10.25-inch screens, connected car features like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and a 20kWh battery sourced locally from Tata AutoComp, and is expected to be priced between Rs 10 lakh and Rs 12 lakh ex-showroom.

MG Motor revealed the first interior image of its upcoming Comet EV earlier this month, and now the carmaker has revealed the first exterior image of its electric urban runabout. As previously stated, the Comet EV is based on the Wuling Air EV sold in Indonesia, and the interior is, unsurprisingly, very similar to the latter.

Highlights of Interior of MG Comet EV

The Comet EV, as seen in the image, will have a two-spoke steering wheel with two control sets on each side. The round, multi-function buttons on the steering wheel are reminiscent of Apple’s iPod and are likely to control audio, navigation, and voice commands for the infotainment system, among other things. The simple, two-spoke design works well with the Comet EV’s minimalist interior theme.

A dual screen setup with two 10.25-inch screens is also visible behind the steering wheel. It’s a floater that fits neatly on the dashboard. Two horizontally positioned AC vents are located directly beneath the screen, along with rotary air conditioning controls with chrome accents.

While MG has yet to reveal a detailed equipment list, the Comet EV will be positioned as a premium intra-city runabout, and MG will not skimp on features. It’ll have connected car features like an electric parking brake, hill-start assist, keyless entry and go, drive modes, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and voice commands, among other things.

The interior is also expected to be done in two colours. As a pure electric vehicle, it will benefit from the packaging advantages that this platform provides, allowing for plenty of interior space. However, due to its small size, it will only be a four-seater.


About Engine and Transmission of MG Comet EV

The Comet EV is expected to be powered by a 20kWh battery sourced locally from Tata AutoComp. According to our sources, this could give the Comet EV a driving range of up to 250km, which will most likely be certified by iCAT, just like MG’s other electric vehicle, the ZS EV. The Comet is expected to be powered by a single, rear-axle mounted motor producing 45hp-50hp.

Launching time of Comet EV in India

MG will fully reveal the Comet EV in the coming days, with a price announcement expected in May. It will compete in the electric hatchback segment with the Tata Tiago EV (Rs 8.69 lakh-11.99 lakh) and the recently launched Citroen eC3 (Rs 11.50 lakh-12.43 lakh). The MG Comet EV will be assembled in India, and MG intends to localise it by more than 60% to make it as competitive as possible. The Comet EV is expected to be priced between Rs 10 lakh and Rs 12 lakh ex-showroom.

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