Suzuki’s new e-Burgman scooter with swappable battery and 44 km range is a game-changer!”🔥

  • Suzuki’s e-Burgman electric scooter features a swappable lithium-ion battery pack and has a range of 44km when ridden at a steady 60kph on a flat surface.
  • The e-Burgman weighs 147kg, making it one of the heaviest electric scooters currently on the market and more practical than performance-oriented electric offerings.

Suzuki has been testing its Burgman electric scooter in India for some time, and spy images of the vehicle have surfaced several times. However, the Hamamatsu-based company has now revealed the e-Burgman overseas in its entirety, as well as most of its specifications.

Details on the Suzuki e-Burgman electric scooter

The big news here is that Suzuki’s e-Burgman will depart from earlier patent drawings in terms of battery pack installation. The previously leaked documents showed a fixed battery pack, but the production-spec e-Burgman has a swappable battery pack. While the swappable lithium-ion battery capacity is unknown, Suzuki claims the e-Burgman has a range of “44km when ridden at a steady 60kph on a flat surface.” While this figure appears to be quite low, given our average speeds, this claimed range figure will most likely increase.

The battery packs on the e-Burgman can be swapped out and recharged at Honda Mobile Power Pack e: swapping stations. Honda has announced major plans for its electric two-wheelers (as well as petrol-powered ones) in India, and as part of that plan, these battery-swapping stations will become much more common.


According to a press release from Suzuki, the e-Burgman has a claimed peak power of 4kW, which is comparable to the TVS iQube S and the Bajaj Chetak. According to this figure, the e-Burgman will most likely be a more practical electric offering than a more performance-oriented one like the Ola S1 Pro or the Ather 450X.

Another thing to consider is that the e-Burgman weighs 36kg more than the recently released Burgman Street EX. At 147kg, this is one of the heaviest electric scooters, and it’s 28kg heavier than something like the iQube S. In fact, it weighs more than any well-known Indian e-scooter currently on the market. Its seat height is 780mm, which is the same as the two Burgman models available in India.

Currently, eight e-Burgman units are being tested in Tokyo’s Jonan neighbourhood. This ‘experiment’ will begin in April and run until June 2023, putting the e-Burgman through its paces. It remains to be seen whether or not the Suzuki e-Burgman will be available after that time.

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