“Terrifying Truth Revealed: What REALLY Happens When You Get in an Accident During a Test Drive!”

What if an accident occurs while you are taking a test drive and the vehicle is damaged? In such a case, the question of whether you must compensate for this loss arises.

It is critical to take a test drive before purchasing any vehicle. This allows you to not only understand the performance of the car’s engine, but also decide whether or not that car is right for you. But what if an accident occurs during the test drive and the car is damaged as a result? In such a case, the question of whether you must compensate for this loss arises. Something similar happened recently with a person, and the incident will answer your question.

image source : Zeenews.com

Maruti Grand Vitara Accident

The incident occurred in Meerut, where a man was testing a Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara. During this time, the car was involved in an accident, and the SUV was severely damaged. However, neither the driver nor the agent were injured. To cover the cost of the accident, the customer must pay a bill of Rs 1.40 lakh.

According to the dealership agent, the customer was driving the SUV without fear because he was confident in the vehicle’s various safety features. The customer was driving at a high speed during the test drive. Then, out of nowhere, a mini truck came in front, causing a collision. The collision severely damaged the car’s front grille, bonnet, and other components. However, the dealership charged the customer Rs 1.40 lakh. He stated that the company would not have charged him if the damage had been less severe.

Take Car test drive carefully

Test drive vehicles should be driven with extreme caution, regardless of whether they are insured or not. Minor scratches and dents are usually covered by the auto dealership, but this type of accident is a huge blow to the dealer. Similar incidents have occurred in the past. The recently released all-new Hyundai Verna was also involved in an accident on the day of its release.

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