Kia EV5 SUV Concept : Checkout the Design Features the upcoming Electric car

The Kia EV5 will likely be available in China first, with the same powertrain options as the EV6.


Kia has unveiled the EV5 SUV concept, its third born EV, just a week after revealing the production-spec full-size EV9. The new Kia EV5, as the name suggests, is smaller than its larger sibling, the recently revealed EV9, but it follows the larger car in adopting the ‘Opposites United’ design ethos that will define all future models from the Korea brand.

New things in Kia EV5

The new SUV, officially known as the ‘Concept EV5’ for the time being, will go on sale in China later this year, which is why it was unveiled without fanfare at the brand’s Chinese EV Day event. Kia has not stated whether it will expand into Europe, but has promised to reveal “future plans for the other global markets” in the near future.


Technical details are also scarce, but the production version of the EV5 is expected to be based on a variant of the E-GMP platform that underpins the two existing bespoke Kia EVs, as well as four more that will arrive before 2026.

The EV5 appears to be roughly comparable in size and stature to today’s combustion-engined Kia Sportage, and thus could potentially compete with similarly conceived family EVs such as the Toyota bZ4X, Nissan Ariya, and Volkswagen ID 4. While Kia has not yet provided any hints about performance or pricing, it is likely to offer a choice of two- and four-wheel-drive powertrains, and if equipped with the same 77kWh battery as the EV6, it will offer a competitive maximum range of more than 482km (300 miles). Kia positions the EV5 as a crossover that supports owners’ pursuits of a “borderless life” in which there is no boundary between their enjoyment and appreciation of nature and the car.

Design of KIA EV5 SUV Car

Like the EV9, it’s sharply proportioned and overtly practical, with swivelling seats that allow occupants in both rows to turn 90 degrees to “enjoy uninterrupted views of the scenery” thanks to rear-hinged rear doors and the absence of an A-pillar. This was also seen on the original EV9 concept and is unlikely to make it to the production-spec EV5.


Interior features of KIA EV5

The EV5 concept appears to have a bench-style front seat, which takes advantage of the lack of a transmission tunnel to provide more space for the front occupants. It’s unclear whether such a feature could be homologated for sale in China or elsewhere, but the panoramic roof (which houses battery-boosting solar panels on the concept) and sustainably sourced interior materials, as well as the wraparound digital infotainment screen atop the dashboard, will undoubtedly make it to showrooms.

A pop-out wooden table in the boot that appears to double as a bench, plants in the rear storage bins, and chunky 21in wheel designs hint at a degree of ‘go-anywhere’ capability round out the EV5’s outdoor credentials.

Kia currently sells the EV6 as the only model in its electric portfolio in India, alongside a slew of combustion engine-powered offerings.

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