Breaking News: Ather’s Bold Move to Limit Public Fast Charging to 80% Sparks Controversy Among EV Enthusiasts!

  • Ather, the Indian electric vehicle manufacturer, has announced that it will be limiting public fast charging to 80% in order to prolong battery life and enhance customer experience.
  • The decision has sparked debate among EV enthusiasts, with some applauding Ather’s commitment to maximizing battery lifespan, while others criticize the move as limiting the convenience of public fast charging.

Ather Energy announced in an app notification to its customers that it will implement an 80% charging cut-off for its Ather Grid public chargers. It claims that this change was made to reduce wait times for other users at the chargers and to promote ‘fair usage for all’.


The 450X e-scooter received a ‘Optimal Charging’ feature as part of one of its recent Ather Stack software updates, which allows you to cut off charging at 80% when using a home charger. This feature, however, is optional, whereas the 80% cut-off at Ather Grid public chargers will be required.

We are currently testing a 450X Gen 3 e-scooter, and once the charger is connected to the scooter and the key is removed, the charger is effectively locked into the scooter. After charging is complete, the charger must be undocked using the scooter key.

However, with Ather Grid chargers, the connector will be automatically unlocked from the scooter once the 80% cut-off is reached, allowing another user to disconnect the charger from the charged scooter (without the key) and connect it to their scooter instead (provided their state-of-charge is less than 80%).

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