Uttar Pradesh Approves Old Vehicle Scrapping Policy to Tackle Air Pollution and Boost Economy!

Uttar Pradesh has approved a new vehicle scrapping policy to reduce pollution levels. State Transport Minister Dayashankar Singh announced on Friday that the policy would provide a 50% tax and penalty rebate on vehicles older than 15 years, and a 75% rebate on vehicles older than 20 years.

Uttar Pradesh Approves Old Vehicle Scrapping Policy to Tackle Air Pollution and Boost Economy!

The move comes as automobile pollution remains a major issue in India and around the world. According to the World Health Organization, air pollution causes seven million premature deaths each year, with transportation playing a significant role.

The Uttar Pradesh government is encouraging the scrapping of private vehicles older than 15 years and old vehicles used by government departments. The central government has set aside 2,000 crore for policy promotion, which will be distributed on a “first come, first served” basis, with states required to meet certain milestones.

Milestone 1 requires the government to issue orders for all government-owned vehicles older than 15 years to be scrapped in Registered Vehicle Scrapping Facilities. A one-time waiver of pending dues on old vehicles cancelled in RVSF for at least one year is also included in the policy.

Milestone 2 calls for the scrapping of all government vehicles older than 15 years, based on predetermined criteria. All vehicles should only be scrapped at RVSF. RVSF is an abbreviation for Registered Vehicle Scrapping Facility. It is a facility where vehicles are recycled in an environmentally responsible manner.

The facility is government-registered and complies with specific vehicle disposal standards. When a vehicle is scrapped at an RVSF, it is dismantled and recycled, and any hazardous waste is safely disposed of. RVSFs help to reduce pollution by removing polluting vehicles from the road and ensuring that they are disposed of properly.

According to the state government, the new policy will help control pollution in the state and is a significant step towards a cleaner environment.

In India, vehicular pollution is a major problem, particularly in densely populated cities with heavy traffic. According to a World Health Organization report, 14 of the world’s 15 most polluted cities in terms of PM2.5 levels are in India. Vehicles contribute significantly to air pollution in India, with studies estimating that vehicular emissions account for 40% of total PM2.5 emissions in Delhi, for example.

In many parts of the country, the use of older vehicles that do not meet modern emission standards exacerbates the problem. The Indian government has taken several steps to combat vehicular pollution, including the promotion of electric vehicles, the implementation of stricter emission standards, and the implementation of a national scrapping policy.

To summarise, the Uttar Pradesh old vehicle scrapping policy is a positive step towards achieving a cleaner, more sustainable transportation system in the state. The policy will benefit not only the environment and public health, but it will also create opportunities for the automobile industry and contribute to the state’s economic growth.

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