Royal Enfield Himalayan Recall Alert: Over 4500 Units Affected, Is Your Bike on the List?

In the United States, Royal Enfield has issued a recall for the Himalayan adventure-tourer. The recall applies to 4,800 units manufactured between March 1, 2017 and February 28, 2021.

The recall is related to the callipers, which are prone to corrosion when exposed to large amounts of salt used in international markets to clear roads during the winter. According to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, this could result in reduced braking performance or complete braking loss.


The manufacturer has advised owners to be wary of brake dragging and increased brake noise. Even an unusual or burning odour near the calliper could indicate wear. And, after consulting with Brembo and Bosch, Royal Enfield determined that replacing the callipers with anodized units would solve the problem. In addition, the company will replace the front and rear brake callipers on all affected Himalayans at no cost.

However, Royal Enfield has not issued a recall for the Himalayan in India because, given our weather conditions, there is little to no exposure to clearing salts. However, if your motorcycle is exhibiting signs of brake wear, dragging, or any unusual noise, we recommend taking it to the nearest service center.

What Royal Enfield Company said on this recall

  • Royal Enfield has issued a statement in response to the recall. According to the official statement, Royal Enfield has taken a similar measure in the US as part of the precautionary service intervention, and motorcycles sold between March 2017 and February 2021 will have their brake callipers replaced free of charge. The statement also stated that a precautionary service intervention for brake calliper replacement is currently underway in markets throughout Europe, the United Kingdom, and Korea. This only applies to countries where roads are treated with specific salts to melt ice during the winter. Finally, the company stated that the recall does not apply to motorcycles sold in India.

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