EU oppose Made in USA rule for EVs

EU Slams Proposed ‘Made in America’ Rule for EV Support, Calls for Collaboration to Drive Clean Energy Revolution”

The European Union (EU) opposes the proposed “Made in America” rule, which would limit access to EV support in the United States. The proposed rule is part of the Biden administration’s infrastructure package, which requires all components of EVs receiving federal support to be made in the United States.

EU Slams Proposed 'Made in America' Rule for EV Support

The EU views the “Made in America” rule as discriminatory and an impediment to promoting EVs and lowering emissions. Furthermore, the EU claims that many European companies have invested heavily in the EV market in the United States, and the proposed rule would make it difficult for them to compete.

Instead, the EU is advocating for a more flexible approach that would allow a mix of domestic and foreign components in federally supported EVs. Furthermore, the EU proposes that the US and the EU work together to promote the development and adoption of EVs globally.

The EU is urging the US to take a more open and collaborative approach to EV promotion. They believe the proposed rule is ineffective and limits competition. The EU’s position also emphasises the value of collaboration in promoting clean energy and lowering global emissions.

To summarise, the EU opposes the “Made in America” rule for EV support, claiming that it is discriminatory and impedes competition. The EU advocates for a more flexible and collaborative approach to EV promotion, emphasising the importance of collaboration in achieving the global goal of reducing emissions.

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