TVS Motosoul 2023:Two Smart Helmet xconnect S10X and S20X launched at the Event

On the second day of TVS Motosoul , TVS Smart Xonnect S10X and S20X have been launched, with prices starting at Rs 8,499 for a 1.2km range.


TVS, based in Hosur, launched the Smart Xonnect S10X and S20X helmet communication devices on the second day of MotoSoul 2023 in Goa.

The two helmet-mounted communication devices have a variety of features and start at Rs 8,499 for the TVS Xonnect S10X. The TVS Xonnect S20X, on the other hand, retails for Rs 10,999.

Thanks to a universal mounting setup that supports both clamp and adhesive style mounts, TVS claims that the new S10X and S20X are a perfect fit for any helmet.

Both of TVS’s new communication devices for riders work with the company’s updated TVS Connect app and are packed with features that make riding in a group with other riders a breeze.

Both the S10X and S20X helmet-mounted communication devices have a modern design with an X in the centre and three control buttons. RGB LEDs are also visible, giving the devices a distinct appearance.

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The new TVS S10X and S20X devices bring together a slew of features that make riding in a group much easier. Both devices include a mesh-style intercom system that allows communication between 20 connected riders up to 1.2 kilometres away.

Both devices support Bluetooth and, depending on the connected device, can be used to summon the Google Assistant or Siri. The S10X and S20X also have mobile GPS navigation, so you can keep riding without worrying about getting lost. Riders will also get a treat from the Xonnect S10X and S20X’s audio setup, which has been tuned by JBL.

Terra Spot is a feature that allows the music setup to work alongside the intercom setup. During intercom communications, the Terra Spot dynamic volume control feature automatically lowers the music volume.

The TVS Xonnect S10X and S20X are both IP67 rated for dust and water resistance, so riding around with these devices strapped to your helmet should be fine during our dusty summers and monsoons.

The TVS Xonnect S10X and S20X allow for easier communication among riders riding in groups and are reasonably priced for the features they provide.

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