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Viral News : Why Water Leaks from Mahindra Scorpio N Sunroof ?

A video of a Mahindra Scorpio N SUV leaking water through its sunroof and overhead speaker grille went viral recently, and many people are questioning the SUV’s build quality.

Furthermore, some people are suggesting that the problem could be a manufacturing flaw, while others can’t stop trolling the Indian automaker. Having said that, we believe this issue is related to a maintenance issue.

Before we discuss about this issue , just checkout the video here

Possible Reason behind water leaks from Mahindra Scorpio N sunroof

Precision, water-tightness glue, and a rubber seal are required for sunroof installation to ensure no leaks. In this case, it appears that the application failed. It is critical to ensure proper application during production, followed by inspection to identify and repair any potential leaks before dispatching the vehicle.

Taking your Scorpio N SUV under a waterfall may appear to be a fun adventure, but it can cause serious damage to your vehicle. At least, it did in this case. What can you do on a road trip in such a situation? As with any potential problem, seek professional assistance as soon as possible.

Water leaks in the cabin increase the likelihood of short circuits and electrical fires. When water leaks into a car from the roof, it can cause a variety of problems. Upholstery, electrical components, and other parts have been ruined by water.

Water is a major cause of corrosion and rust, which can compromise structural integrity. If the water is not properly dried, mould and mildew can grow in the car, causing health problems and unpleasant odours. And this Scorpio N is completely soaked. A trip to the service centre is unavoidable.

Effect of this incident on Market

Scorpio-N has created quite a stir in the market. Long wait times for certain variants, on the other hand, have been a major source of concern for buyers. Waiting times for Z2 and Z4 variants are the longest, ranging from 52 to 65 weeks. At 24-26 weeks, the Z8 L automatic variant has the shortest waiting time. The waiting period for the Z6 and Z8 is 55-60 weeks. Long wait times for certain variants indicate that demand remains high.

This, however, highlights the need for Mahindra to address production and supply chain issues in order to meet demand. As the SUV market in India expands, Mahindra, as a leading SUV manufacturer, must remain competitive by addressing the concerns of its customers.

The video of water leaking through the sunroof of the MahindraScorpioo N SUV has gone viral, and we anticipate that it will influence new bookings. Furthermore, this is a common problem in sunroof-equipped vehicles, and we recommend checking the sunroof drains on a regular basis.

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