Ather Energy: 2500 fast-charging stations to electrify India’s roads by 2023

Ather Grid’s fast-charging network is currently India’s largest two-wheeler EV charging network.

Ather Energy just erected its 1,000th Grid fast-charging station in India, and the business now wants to boost that number to over 2,500 by the end of this year. Now, 60 percent of these chargers are distributed across Tier II and Tier III cities.


Details on the expansion of the Ather Grid fast-charging network

Previously as media reported, Ather had 580 Grid fast-chargers operating, with that number expected to rise to 1,400 by the end of FY23. As the company has been actively expanding its fast charging network, it has revealed that by the end of 2023, the number of Grid fast-chargers would have increased to 2,500. As additional charging stations become accessible, this will be a key step in encouraging more people to embrace the Ather electric scooter.

The Ather Grid fast chargers may be utilised by any EV, two-wheeler or four-wheeler, and can charge up to 80% of EV battery packs at 1.5km/minute, allowing for a range of 90km in just one hour.

Unlike many other fast charging networks that enable any car to charge, the Ather Grid has always been free to use as Ather’s fast charging network. The Ather Grid network of over 1000 fast chargers will remain open to the public until March.


Ravneet Phokela, Chief Business Officer at Ather Energy, commented on the achievement “One of the primary drivers of faster adoption of electric vehicles is a robust charging infrastructure. As a brand dedicated on developing a vibrant EV ecosystem, we have made major investments in building what is already India’s largest public fast-charging network. We are expanding our reach and adding Neighbourhood Charging, a charging solution aimed at semi-private locations such as apartment buildings, offices, and tech parks. We remain committed to investing strategically in the space and supporting the industry’s growth.”

At its Community Day event, the Bangalore-based company also unveiled new colour options, a new seat option, and a slew of enhancements for its scooter lineup. Ather Neighborhood Charging, an EV charging solution that delivers hassle-free charging to corporate buildings, tech parks, and residential complexes, was also introduced by the company.

Final words

The Ather Grid Network has grown to become the nation’s largest fast-charging network, and it will more than double in size by the end of the year. We hope that additional electric vehicle manufacturers will follow Ather’s lead and contribute to the expansion of the fast-charging network, ensuring that the country transitions to EVs sooner rather than later.

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