Photos of the Xiaomi MS11 electric car have leaked ahead of its global debut.

Xiaomi is well-known for its electrical goods, and the Xiaomi MS11 is the company’s first electric car, which will be unveiled soon.

Xiaomi -MS11-electric-car

As we are moving from fueled cars to electric cars, we can see everyday a new EV player joins the market with futuristic designed car or bike models. Every now and then, a slew of new players join the fray. EV sales are increasing, and the industry as a whole is thriving. Mainstream carmakers, like as Maruti, who did not go in headfirst, are now adopting EVs. With limitless potential, tech titans want a piece of the action as well.

Google, Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, and even Sony are among the tech behemoths in question. Speaking of Sony, the Japanese electronics titan recently launched Afeela, an electric vehicle sub-brand created through a joint venture with Honda. Google (Waymo) and Apple (Titan) are also developing electric vehicles. Afeela and Waymo have moved into the prototype stage.

Xiaomi -MS11-electric-car-photo

However, another tech company is actively testing its EV, and images of a near-production-spec vehicle have already emerged online. We’re discussing Xiaomi and its controversial MS11 EV.

Xiaomi MS11 Maiden EV

The Xiaomi MS11 is a hybrid of other EVs on the market. It looks uncannily similar to the BYD Seal. That alone bears an uncanny resemblance to the Porsche Taycan. In essence, the Xiaomi MS11 appears to be a knockoff of a knockoff. MS11, unlike BYD Seal, is not aggressive. The body lines are much smoother.

The car in the photos appears to be nearly ready for production. A perfectly tapered hood and intriguing headlamp assemblies with four LED projectors are on display up front. We can see air scoops under the headlights, which are likely to flow air to cool the brakes.

Xiaomi -MS11-electric-car-photo

C-shaped components are put into the lower front bumper, flanking the air intake. This is a four-door electric car with flush door handles and a rear-sloping design reminiscent of a coupe. The entire roof is one single pane of glass, as seen in Tesla models, and the alloy wheels are also interesting. The rear tail lights are similar to those found on a Dodge Dart, but reversed.

On its roof is a bulb that houses several LIDAR, radar, and other sensors. Something similar was discovered on a Volvo EX90, reminding me of London Black Cabs. MS11 has previously been spotted winter testing on Chinese roads. A Weibo user allegedly released images ahead of Xiaomi’s official announcement.

Xiaomi MS11 EV will be available by 2024

China is currently like a Lithium pit guarded by a fire-breathing dragon. According to estimates, China has the world’s greatest lithium resource. It’s no surprise that China produces the vast bulk of batteries. When it comes to electronic devices, Xiaomi has a reputation for aggressive pricing techniques, making it a lucrative prospect. If Xiaomi applies the same aggressive price techniques to the EV industry, it may have an advantage in the near future.

The Xiaomi MS11 has been seen with Wilwood braking hardware finished in Yellow, and that’s all there is to it. Xiaomi is expected to show off a prototype soon, with a complete launch possible in 2024.

Xiaomi -MS11-electric-car-photo-interior

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