Suzuki’s first electric scooter will be available in India in fiscal year 2025.

Suzuki is also developing carbon-neutral fuels for use in its larger capacity motorcycles.


As of now if we see, all automotive companies are working on electric vehicles to prepare their presence in Indian Market. In this line up ,Suzuki has announced that its first electric scooter will be available in India by FY2025.

  • The Suzuki EV will cater to commuters.
  • Suzuki anticipates that 25% of its India lineup will be electric by FY2030.
  • By FY2030, up to eight electric two-wheeler models will be available.

Suzuki’s first electric two-wheeler product for India will be the equivalent of a “small to midsize motorcycle that will be used for daily transportation such as commuting to work, school, or shopping,” according to a global press release.

While the press release uses the term motorcycle, we believe this is due to language translation and that the first product will be an electric scooter. Indeed, we broke the news that Suzuki was developing a specially designed electric scooter for India, which was set to debut in 2020. However, this was prior to the pandemic, and the company’s plans clearly shifted.

Suzuki has been testing an electrified Burgman scooter, which has been spotted numerous times over the last two years, and this could be the company’s first EV.

Honda is the only other Japanese manufacturer that has announced plans to launch an electric two-wheeler in India, the Activa electric, in 2024. The focus on being oriented towards being effortless daily runabouts rather than sporty, performance-focused offerings is shared by both of these electric Japanese offerings.

In other motorcycle-related news, the Hamamatsu-based company revealed that it is investigating the use of carbon-neutral fuels for its larger-capacity bikes.

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