After Price hike , Prices for Mahindra Scorpio Classic now start at Rs 12.64 lakh .

Mahindra Scorpio Classic prices increased by up to Rs 65,000


Following the price increases for the Scorpio N and XUV700, Mahindra has raised the prices for the Scorpio Classic. This is the first price increase for the SUV since its release in August of last year. The Scorpio Classic is only available in two trim levels: S and S11, with prices starting at Rs 12.64 lakh and rising to Rs 16.14 lakh.

  • Scorpio Classic’s price has been raised uniformly.
  • Both trims have an average waiting period of 5-6 months.

Here’s a breakdown of how prices have risen across the trims.

VarinatNew Price (Ex-showroom)
Scorpio Classic SRs 12.64
Scorpio Classic S11Rs 16.14 Lakh
Mahindra scorpio classic Price 2023

The Scorpio Classic’s S and S11 trims have increased in price by Rs 65,200 since launch. The hike is consistent across variants because the Scorpio Classic comes in three seating configurations: two 7-seaters and one 9-seater.

The S and S11 trims come in two 7-seater layouts: a 2-3-2 with a bench seat in the middle and two single jump seats in the third row, and a 2-2-3 with captain’s seats in the second row and a bench seat in the third. Meanwhile, the S trim is the only one with a 9-seater configuration that includes a 2-3-4 layout with double side-facing jump seats for the third row.


About Engine and Transmission

The Scorpio Classic is powered by a single Gen 2 mHawk diesel engine that produces 132 horsepower and 300 Newton-meters of torque. This engine sends power to the rear wheels via a 6-speed manual transmission. The Scorpio Classic, on the other hand, lacks the automatic transmission and 4×4 option that were available on the previous-generation model.

Final words

The price increase for the Mahindra Scorpio Classic comes as no surprise, as the SUV’s launch prices were revealed to be introductory. Despite waiting times of up to 6 months for the SUV, we don’t expect the price increase to dampen interest in the Mahindra Scorpio Classic anytime soon.

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