New Rider Electric Motorcycle comes with 140-Km Range And Aims To Compete With 125cc Bikes



Motorcycles are imported into India from a variety of manufacturers. The majority of them are Indian or Japanese. The old continent is home to brands such as Ducati, Aprilia, Vespa, Triumph, and others. Then there’s Harley-Davidson and Indian from the land of the free, and then there’s Benelli, Keeway, QJ, Zontes, and others from dragon land.

French motorcycles are not available here. Never before. Should it be that way? Is it necessary for French brands such as Rider to launch a fully-faired electric motorcycle range in India? Should Rider enter the 2W EV scene in India, which is growing by the day and attracting more players?

New Rider Electric Motorcycle in India

That is not going to happen anytime soon. But first, let’s look at what we might get if it does launch in India. If it is released, it will be a worthy rival to the recently released enthusiast EV Ultraviolette F77. Rider SR6 has a lot going for it.

Yamaha’s YZF range serves as a source of inspiration for the design. It is most noticeable on the front fascia. The fairing is well-executed, with vents to keep the batteries cool. In addition, the battery pack is mounted low on the frame to lower the centre of gravity.

Battery Power and Driving Range of Rider Electric Motorcycle

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The battery is exposed lower down for cooling, and the motor is a hub unit built into the rear wheel. This motor is made by QS Motor, a well-known EV component manufacturer. It has a continuous power output of 5 kW (6.7 bhp) and a peak output of 6 kW. (8.04 bhp).

Despite the fact that the SR6’s power is comparable to that of a 125cc category motorcycle, torque is not. It has a lot of torque at 118 Nm and at 0 RPM. With hub-mounted motors, the torque measurement method yields a higher number. Regardless, the top speed is 74.5 MPH (120 km/h). A 72 V, 86 Ah battery provides power. This combination results in a battery capacity of 6.192 kWh.

Rider SR6 is claimed to travel 100 km on a single charge at a constant speed of 80 km/h. Rider claims 140 km of range on a single charge when driven at 50 km/h with a light throttle. Charging time with a 220V normal household socket is 9 hours, but it also supports type 2 socket for fast charging.

Features and Specs

Rider SR6 fully-faired electric motorcycle has a lot to offer in terms of componentry. Clip-on handlebars with a low-slung and committed riding posture are available. The footpegs are also positioned in the rear. We have dual 300 mm brake rotors up front and a 240 mm disc at the back.

The front suspension is handled by USD forks, while the rear is handled by a monoshock. The rear suspension is adjustable via an external rotary dial. Screw drivers are not required for this task. Front USD forks appear to be adjustable as well, but this cannot be confirmed.

What is certain is the price of the Rider SR6. It starts at EUR 7190. (approx Rs. 6.4 lakh). It almost doesn’t make sense at this price before taxes and import duties, given that the Ultraviolette F77 costs between Rs. 3.8 lakh and Rs. 5.5 lakh.

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