Honda Activa electric is scheduled to be released in early 2024.

  • Honda Activa electric will be available in 2024.
  • It will be built on the Activa 6G platform.
  • Maximum speed of 50 kilometres per hour

The Honda Activa electric scooter will have strong performance and long-term dependability, making it a strong competitor.


Anyone knows that Honda is working on a new electric scooter that will be released in the country soon. The Japanese company recently confirmed that it will launch the Honda Activa electric scooter in January of next year, positioning it as a direct competitor to scooters such as the TVS iQube, Ather 450X, and Ola S1. Here are all of the information we have about the upcoming Honda Activa electric scooter.

To begin, the company confirmed that the upcoming Honda electric scooter will be sold under the brand name Activa and will debut in January of next year. Unlike many of its competitors, the new Honda electric scooter will have a top speed of around 50 kmph and will provide riders with high levels of reliability and comfort.

Furthermore, for increased safety, this new Honda electric scooter will have a fixed battery setup and a range of around 100 kmph on a single charge. Similarly, it will have the same exterior styling as the Honda Activa and may share many components such as suspension and brakes with its ICE-powered sibling.

Following the release of the Honda Activa electric scooter in India, the brand is expected to release a number of other electric scooters in the country based on an entirely new born-electric platform. These scooters will most likely have swappable batteries and will be marketed as compact and lightweight electric scooters for city commuting.

Honda is also working on establishing 6000 battery swapping stations across the country before launching its second electric scooter with swappable battery technology in India. More information, however, is not yet available. For those who are curious, the new Honda Activa electric scooter is expected to be highly localised, with components such as battery packs and e-motor likely to be sourced locally. The company will increase its investments in the establishment of EV manufacturing plants.

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