Maruti Celerio Rebadged Is South Africa’s New Toyota Vitz

Toyota Vitz is a rebranded Celerio for South Africa, with the same 1.0L NA petrol engine and 5-speed manual and automatic transmissions.

Maruti Suzuki and Toyota’s collaboration has been extremely beneficial to both companies. In India, the Vitara Brezza was rebadged as the Urban Cruiser, the Baleno as the Glanza, the Urban Cruiser Hyryder as the Grand Vitara, and now Maruti Suzuki is set to sell rebadged Innova Hycross. There are identical cars that have been badge engineered to sell under a different brand.

This Maruti Suzuki-Toyota badge exchange programme is not limited to India. Toyota already sells the Starlet (rebadged Baleno), Urban Cruiser (rebadged Vitara Brezza), and Rumion in markets such as South Africa (rebadged Ertiga). These are all borrowed from Maruti Suzuki and shipped from India.


Toyota Vitz, which is essentially a Maruti Suzuki Celerio and not a Toyota Yaris, has now been showcased in South Africa. The only difference on the car is, you guessed it, the logo. Let’s look at the Toyota Vitz and where it fits into the company’s portfolio in South Africa.

Toyota Vitz Price

You’re probably wondering why we mentioned Toyota Yaris above. There’s a reason for this. Toyota Vitz is a well-known brand. Toyota has previously used this name on Yaris hatchbacks in some markets. However, Toyota is now using it on a rebranded Celerio displayed in South Africa.

Vitz was unveiled recently at Toyota’s State of the Motor Industry (SOMI) event in Johannesburg. South Africa is the first country to receive a Toyota Vitz rebranded as a Celerio. Toyota intends to release it in South Africa in the second quarter of 2023. Celerio is already available in South Africa under the Suzuki brand, and prices are expected to be comparable. In terms of pricing,

Toyota has not disclosed the Vitz’s price. We can draw conclusions because the Celerio costs between Rand 178,900 (approximately Rs. 8.46 lakh) and Rand 213,900. (approx Rs. 10.11 lakh). In South Africa, an increase of around Rand 5,000 is expected. Toyota’s current entry-level vehicle in South Africa is the Agya, which starts at Rand 200,000 (approximately Rs. 9.45 lakh).

Specs & Features of Toyota Vitz

Toyota and Maruti Suzuki in India provide some variation between their brand-engineered vehicles. Baleno and Glanza have changed appearances, as have Urban Cruiser Hyryder and Grand Vitara. This was not the case previously, as everything except their branding was identical.

Toyota has taken a similar approach in South Africa, with only the logo changing. Celeio is powered by a 1.0L NA 3-cylinder engine producing 66 bhp and 89 Nm of torque. It has a 5-speed manual transmission and a 5-speed automatic transmission. The same engines are likely to be offered with the Toyota Vitz as well. Keyless entry, an engine start/stop button, power windows, and a 7-inch touchscreen system with wired Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are among the Celerio’s selling points.




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