Simple One electric Scooter will be launched at Price 1.05 Lakh with driving range of 200 km

If you are looking for upcoming electric scooter in India 2023, Simple one is ready for you. Simple Energy opened its first manufacturing facility yesterday (January 19, 2023) and is currently preparing to begin production of its flagship product, the Simple One.

In more detail, this new state-of-the-art EV manufacturing facility is located in Shoolagiri, Tamilnadu, and spans an area of 200,000 square feet. It is also worth emphasising that this new facility has been termed ‘Simple Vision 1.0’.

Aside from that, the EV manufacturer claims that Simple Vision 1.0 has the best-in-class GA Line (General Assembly Line), India’s first patented in-house motor manufacturing line, a battery manufacturing line, and other facilities such as cell storage, CAL (Customer Acceptance Line), and a few more supporting facilities.


Furthermore, Simple Energy asserts that the Simple Vision 1.0 factory is one of India’s safest production factories. Furthermore, this manufacturing plant has an in-house vehicle testing centre, which is critical for assessing and developing existing and future goods.

According to Simple Energy, the Simple Vision 1.0 facility would be developed with an initial investment of Rs 100 Crore, and the factory will employ more than 700 people locally, with a female-dominated workforce. Furthermore, the EV manufacturer stated that it has additional products in the works and aspires to be at the forefront of the global transition to green mobility.

Driving range of Simple one electric scooter

Simple Energy says that its current edition of the Simple One can travel more than 200 kilometres on a fully charged battery pack charge. The most recent version of the electric scooter also includes a more powerful 8.5kW electric motor with 72Nm of peak torque and a larger 4.8kWh battery pack.

The Simple Vision 1.0 facility, according to Simple Energy, is built with a The new Simple One electric scooter is expected to have a top speed of roughly 105km/h and can accelerate from zero to 40km/h in just 2.77 seconds. Aside from that, pre-orders for the Simple One electric scooter are now available, with the electric scooter slated to start at Rs 1.05 lakh (ex-showroom).

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Final Words

Simple Energy expects to launch and begin manufacture of the Simple One electric scooters in India soon, thanks to its state-of-the-art manufacturing factory in Tamilnadu. Having said that, we have great hopes for the incoming Simple One electric scooter in terms of performance and handling.

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