These are 6 best concept cars at Auto Expo 2023

Everyone comes to Auto Expo 2023 to explore the upcoming future life with concept cars. And to answer them , car makers showcased here all their concept cars which will be unveiled in upcoming years with future technologies.

Concept cars provide a free taste of the future. These vehicles travel into the future to demonstrate new technology and design in order to gauge market reaction. Ultimately, it all comes down to how we perceive them. If a concept becomes a hit, chances are it might make it into production shortly after. The Auto Expo 2023 witnessed a good number of concepts and some of them are already confirmed to hit the market shortly. Here are the top 7 concept cars from this year’s Auto Expo:

Maruti Suzuki EVX


This year’s Auto Expo was kicked off by the Maruti Suzuki eVX concept. It is a significant concept for the Indian automaker because the eVX will be Maruti Suzuki’s first all-electric vehicle for the Indian market. That sounds like a lot is riding on the eVX’s shoulders. What we do know is that it will be based on an EV-specific skateboard chassis with a 60kWh battery pack, a twin-motor system, AWD, and a 550km claimed maximum driving range. These are amazing stats, and the eVX will compete with Tata’s Nexon EV when it debuts in 2025.

Tata Sierra EV


In terms of hype and anticipation, the Jimny has passed the torch to the Sierra. The long-gone SUV has a devoted following, and the Sierra EV idea has sparked much curiosity. This time, the Sierra EV shown at the 2023 Auto Show gets a more full makeover, with regular doors rather than sliding ones. Details are scant, but we do know that it will be equipped with the new T-GDI engine and a dual-clutch automatic transmission, as well as a diesel and a fully electric variant. This is fantastic news, and if Tata keeps all of the unique design elements, the Sierra will undoubtedly be an amazing SUV. We anticipate a 2025 launch.

Toyota Hilux Extreme Offroad Concept


Until we saw this at the Auto Expo 2023, we thought the Toyota Hilux was an insane 4×4 pickup vehicle. The Hilux Extreme Offroad Concept is as extreme as it gets, being part extreme off-roader and part Dakar-ready vehicle. From the elevated chassis, heavy-duty bumpers and suspension, massive wheels, tow hooks, all the lights, roof rack, and jerry cans, to the two spare wheels at the back, it has a lot going on. This automobile, finished in a bright crimson, was difficult to miss at the Expo.

Kia EV9


The Kia EV9 concept is a hot all-electric SUV with suicide doors. With its boxy proportions and stance, it nearly feels like a vintage version of an old-school American SUV. The attention to detail is incredible. All of this is supported by an advanced E-GMP architecture that can go 482 kilometres on a single charge. It also has fast-charging capabilities, allowing it to charge its battery from 10% to 80% in 20-30 minutes using a 350KW charger. All of this is stated because the EV9 is a concept, but it is good to see a huge SUV with all of this technology available.

Lexus LF-30/LF-Z


The Lexus LF-Z and LF-30 were the most futuristic vehicles on display at the 2023 Expo. The latter is a novel idea that employs four electric motors to generate 546PS and 700Nm of twist. Other notable features include a top speed of 200kph and a sprint pace of 3.8sec from 0 to 100kph. The LF-Z, on the other hand, achieves even better performance (0-100kmph in 3 seconds) thanks to dual motors connected to a 90kWh battery with a range of 600 km (WLTP).

Tata Harrier EV Concept


The Harrier EV displayed at the Expo is not a legitimate concept, especially when compared to some of the other concepts on this list. The electric SUV shown here is more of a production model than a concept. It is based on the OMEGA-ARC platform, and the major news is that it will have a twin-motor system with AWD and a range of roughly 400km! The Harrier EV will be available in 2023, and it will preview upgrades to the facelifted Harrier and Safari.

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