Hero Splendor plus- Everything about its features and specifications

As everyone is familiar, Hero and Honda jointly branded the motorbike known as Splendor. Since its 1994 debut, the bike has been one of the most popular models sold in India with 2,61,721 Splendor units sold in the marketplace, Hero MotoCorp maintained its lead in the two-wheeler sales list for October 2022.

The Hero Splendor plus is constantly referred to as a bestseller for a variety of causes. One of the most popular commuter bikes in India has been the Hero Splendor. This bike has undergone several technical changes since it was first introduced, yet the manufacturer has kept the same general look.

There is one another reason why this is one of the most selling bikes, The Hero Splendor plus price starts from Rs 70,000, which is much more affordable to Indian consumers.


Let’s take a look at some of the Specifications and feature of the Hero Splendor Plus

The Splendor plus is one of the best-selling bikes in India. To become the most popular two-wheeler in the nation.

Let’s have a look at some the features and specifications of this commuter bike:

  • The base engine is a 97.2cc BS6 that produces 8.05 Nm of torque and 7.91 horsepower of power with ease.
  • A combined braking system with both front and rear drum brakes is included in the Hero Splendor Plus. The petrol tank can contain 9.8 liters of petrol and the bike typically weighs 110 kg.
  • One of Hero Motocorp’s most frequently leased items is still the Hero Splendor Plus. The motorbike is offered in three different configurations: one with alloy wheels; another with alloy wheels and self-start; and a third with alloy wheels and i3S.
  • The Splendor plus’s 100cc carburetor motor now incorporates a fuel injection setup and Hero’s “XSens technology.” The engine now generates 7.91 horsepower at 8000 rpm and 8.05Nm range at 6,000 rpm thanks to this upgrading.
  • The motorbike’s fundamental design hasn’t changed; nevertheless, the base model now comes in Black and accent Variant. The market enthusiasm for the product has only increased with the sale of 100 million Editions.
  • The black-painted wheels, chain, and motor of the contemporary show. The cycling pieces have also been retained.
  • The bike is a smooth ride whether in congested mid-cities or on uneven terrain in rural areas, Hero Splendor Plus always comes out on top. The robust machine durability and excellent overall engineering are used to.
  • Additionally, the Hero Splendor Plus BS6 has exceptional fuel efficiency. In real-world riding circumstances, it achieves a mileage of around 60 to 70 kilometers per liter.

Looks and Designs

Since the Hero Splendor Plus BS6 is a basic commuter motorbike, it lacks any elaborate design features. However, it excels at what it does and is popular with the general public.


A rectangular halogen headlight and rectangular halogen turn indicators are included with the Splendor Plus BS6 model. The motorbike features a beautiful side profile and a little visor as well. It comes in a variety of colorations, and the majority of the Splendor Plus’ color trims now have eye-catching triple-tone patterns on the body panels.

A long flat seat and a metal carrier are also included. There are nine different color options for the brand-new Hero Splendor Plus BS6.

Other Features and Pricing

Telescopic front forks and two spring-loaded shock absorbers are included on the Hero Splendor Plus BS6. The motorbike has 130 mm drum brakes at either end that are used for braking, as well as Hero’s unique IBS or Integrated Braking System.

The Splendor Plus has tubeless 18-inch tyres with an 80/100-section width. The Hero Splendor Plus’s only feature is an analogue instrument cluster with rudimentary trip-related information.

Numerous variations with different Splendor price are available. Currently, the Splendor plus price costs between Rs 70,000 to Rs 73,000.

Numerous bikes, including Hero MotoCorp’s own HF Deluxe, TVS Radeon, TVS Sport, Bajaj CT 110, Bajaj Platina 110, etc., are competitors of the new Hero Splendor Plus BS6.


Hero Motocorp’s most popular product is still the Splendor Plus. Even in comparison to some of the newest motorcycles, this is unrivaled.

This bike has made a lot of progress and is still doing so with its classic characteristics and appearance.

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