Google has announced its new technology feature as “Digital car key” in 2021 I/O developer conference.

With enhancement of technology in automotive segment, Google joined with new technology for the car market.

The Digital car key features will be available with upcoming android 12 OS. This advanced car key will allow users to lock, unlock and start their car with smartphones.


Yet Google has not revealed the how it will work but as it mentioned the technology uses Near field communication (NFC) and Ultra wide Band (UWB) radio technology.

So to control your car , you can simply do with tapping the door in this smartphone application. Your pocket will be free from heavy car keys, which is a good thing.

And if you want to lend car to your friends, than it will allow you to share the digital car key securely with them.

This feature will allow car makers to add as premium features in their product. For now BMW is the partner with Google in launch of this Digital car key.

However the list of car models is yet to revealed by the company for this feature.

Earlier in 2020 conference , Apple announced its car key which works with iPhone and Apple smartwatch. In present day many car makers like Hyundai, Tesla, Tata motors etc are providing this feature with their own applications.

Now if we look at the trend, the automotive segment is growing very fast with technology enhancement features. And these features are allowing user to control their cars more easily and conveniently.

Electric vehicles are getting more technology features than fueled vehicles. The upcoming market is electric vehicles which will drive the new technology revolution in the market.

Technology features comes with both advantage and disadvantage. They serve convenience to the user but also has threat to be hacked by hackers .

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