Tata Nexon has made a significant space in compact suv market in India. The suv grab a lot of attention in the Indian market with stylish design and features. So while you are going for SUV under 10 lakh budget , you can blindly go for Tata nexon as an best option. Tata nexon price is starts at 6.99 Lakh (ex-showroom) in 2021.

The most important thing in the Nexon is the safety features. Tata nexon secured five star rating in NCAP crash test.

Latest Tata nexon price in 2021

New Tata Nexon Petrol price 2021

The nexon SUV with petrol engine and manual transmission is available in ten different variants. Tata Nexon petrol variant price is starts at 6.99 lakh (ex-showroom) in 2021. Top model price of Nexon suv in petrol and manual Transmission is 10.74 Lakh (ex-showroom)

VariantFeature Price (Ex-showroom)
Nexon XEPetrol , Manual Transmission6.99 Lakh
Nexon XMPetrol , Manual Transmission7.84 Lakh 
Nexon XM (S)Petrol , Manual Transmission8.36 Lakh 
Nexon XZPetrol , Manual Transmission8.84 Lakh 
Nexon XZ+Petrol , Manual Transmission9.64 Lakh 
Nexon XZ+DT Petrol , Manual Transmission9.84 Lakh
Nexon XZ+ (S)Petrol , Manual Transmission10.24 Lakh 
Nexon XZ+DT (S)Petrol , Manual Transmission10.44 Lakh 
Nexon XZ+ (O)Petrol , Manual Transmission10.54 Lakh
Nexon XZ+DT (O))Petrol , Manual Transmission10.74 Lakh 
Tata nexon pri

Nexon Diesel variant Price 2021

If We talk about diesel variants, Nexon suv is available in ten variants in manual transmission option. Nexon diesel variant price is starts at 8.45 Lakh (ex-showroom) in 2021. Top model price in diesel and manual transmission variant is 12.10 Lakh (ex-showroom).

VariantFeature Price (Ex-showroom)
Nexon XEDiesel , Manual Transmission8.45 Lakh 
Nexon XMDiesel , Manual Transmission9.20 Lakh 
Nexon XM (S)Diesel , Manual Transmission9.70 Lakh
Nexon XZDiesel , Manual Transmission10.20 Lakh
Nexon XZ+Diesel , Manual Transmission11.00 Lakh
Nexon XZ+DT Diesel , Manual Transmission11.20 Lakh
Nexon XZ+ (S)Diesel , Manual Transmission11.60 Lakh
Nexon XZ+DT (S)Diesel , Manual Transmission11.80 Lakh 
Nexon XZ+ (O)Diesel , Manual Transmission11.90 Lakh
Nexon XZ+DT (O))Diesel , Manual Transmission12.10 Lakh 
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Price of Automatic Variant 2021

Tata Nexon has wide range of variants in automatic transmission with both petrol and diesel engine options. There are eight variants of each (petrol and diesel ) available with automatic transmission. Nexon with Automatic transmission Petrol variant price starts at 8.44 lakh while diesel variant is starts at 9.80 Lakh (ex-showroom).

Nexon top model price with automatic transmission is 12.70 Lakh.

Variant Feature Price (Ex-showroom)
Nexon XMAPetrol , Automatic Transmission 8.44 Lakh
Nexon XMA (S)Petrol , Automatic Transmission 8.96 Lakh 
Nexon XMADiesel, Automatic Transmission 9.80 Lakh 
Nexon XZA+Petrol , Automatic Transmission 10.24 Lakh 
Nexon XMA (S)Diesel, Automatic Transmission 10.30 Lakh 
Nexon XZA+DTPetrol , Automatic Transmission 10.44 Lakh 
Nexon XZA+ (S)Petrol , Automatic Transmission 10.84 Lakh 
Nexon XZA+ DT(S)Petrol , Automatic Transmission 11.04 Lakh 
Nexon XZA+ (O) Petrol , Automatic Transmission 11.14 Lakh
Nexon XZA+DT (O)Petrol , Automatic Transmission 11.34 Lakh 
Nexon XZA+ Diesel, Automatic Transmission 11.60 Lakh
Nexon XZA+ DTDiesel, Automatic Transmission 11.80 Lakh 
Nexon XZA+ (S) Diesel, Automatic Transmission 12.20 Lakh 
Nexon XZA+DT (S)Diesel, Automatic Transmission 12.40 Lakh
Nexon XZA+ (O) Diesel, Automatic Transmission 12.50 Lakh 
Nexon XZA+ DT (O) Diesel, Automatic Transmission 12.70 Lakh 

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