2021 Tesla Model 3 specification, price, and features in India

As we know Electric car market in India is growing with introduction of new stylish car and bike models by Car makers. Now in this journey World biggest electric car maker TESLA has announced to launch its first electric car “Tesla Model 3” in India in 2021. The entry of Tesla electric car in India is confirmed by Cabinate minister Shri Nitin Gadkari and Tesla CEO Elon musk.


It is expected to boost in electric car market in India after launch of Model 3. Tesla will launch other models based upon the review and demand in Indian market.

It is expected that Tesla will launch its first electric car Model 3 in first quarter of 2021-22.

Tesla Model 3 Price in India

As we know in current scenario electric cars are costly that petrol or diesel cars. But the situation will change in coming years with innovation in latest technology and features at lower input cost. So Tesla Model 3 price in India is expected between 55 lakh to 60 lakh. Actual price will revealed after confirmation by Tesla company.

2021 Tesla Model 3 Specifications

If we talk about Tesla Model 3 specifications , This car will run upto 570 km (353 mile ) in single charge. It will have 60 kwh lithium ion battery.

If you charge the car at supercharge station for only 15 min ,you can drive up to 250km. Top speed of model 3 is 260 kmph. Tesla model 3 car can accelerate 0 to 100 kmph in only 3.1 second which very good pickup.

BatteryLithium ion battery , 50 kwh to 75 kwh based upon variant
Max power 346 hp
Max torque 510 Nm
Seating capacity5
Top speed 260 kmph (162 mph)
Drive Range 353 mile (570 km ) in single charge
Acceleration0-60 mph in 3.1 second
Weight 1844 kg (4065 lbs)
WarrenryBasic vehicle – 4 years or 80000 km (50000 mile)
Battery and drive unit – 8 year or 193000 km (120000 mile)
DimensionsLength-4694 mm, Width – 1849 mm, height -1443 mm
Wheelbase – 2875 mm

Model 3 comes with dual motor all wheel drive options to control torque to front and rear wheels for better handling and traction control.

Model 3 Features

When you are ready to pay about 50 – 60 lakh for a car than you will surely expect premium and latest technology feature in the car. Tesla model 3 will also comes with latest technology features like Autopilot mode which will enable your car to steer, accelerate and brake automatically within its lane.

This electric car will also have the automatic parking features which can automatically park in parallel and perpendicular in single touch.

Tesla model 3 has 360 degree camera rear, front and side to provide overall visibility surrounding the car. This electric car is featured with 160m front radar to view distant object and ultrasonic sensors to detect near by cars or objects to prevent potential collision and assist in parking.

In term Interior features , Tesla models 3 electric car gets 15 inch touchscreen infotainment system with navigation system. automatic climate control and glass roof.

Model 3 Safety Rating

The best thing in this electric car is the higher safety rating. As per safety test results, Tesla model 3 is tagged with overall 5 star rating in standard safety test by NHTSA. In the crash test by NHTSA , Model 3 has secured 5 star rating in driver , passenger , front seat side test, rear seat test and rollover test.

Now the people of India are waiting for the Tesla electric car. It will be interesting to see the impact of Tesla Indian Automotive market.

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