Nissan Magnite Mileage

Nissan Magnite will be available in two petrol engine options as BS6, 1.0 B4D Petrol and 1.0 Turbo HRAO Petrol engine. and the new Magnite is coupled with both 5 speed manual transmission and CVT options.

Nissan Magnite Mileage

As per the company reveals, Nissan magnite mileage is 18.75 kmpl with 1.0 L B4D Petrol engine. and Nissan magnite mileage with 1.0 L turbo HARO petrol engine is 20.0 kmpl with MT and 17.7 kmpl with CVT.

Variant Mileage 
1.0 L B4D Petrol engine 18.75 KMPL 
1.0 L Turbo petrol engine (MT)20.0 KMPL 
1.0 L Turbo petrol engine (CVT)17.7 KMPL

Click here to Know more about Nissan Magnite

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