Toyota Innova crysta facelift Price in India 2021

New toyota innova crysta facelift petrol price is starts at 16.26 lakh (ex-showroom). and Toyota innova crysta facelift diesel price is starts at 16.64 Lakh (ex-showroom). Toyota Innova crysta top model price is 24.33 lakh (ex-showroom) for diesel 2.4 ZX AT variant.

Toyota Innova crysta facelift price 2021

GradeSummaryEx-Showroom Price
2.7 GX MT7 seater, Manual16,26,000
2.7 GX MT8 seater, Manual16,31,000
2.7 GX AT7 seater, Automatic17,62,000
2.7 GX AT8 seater, Automatic17,67,000
2.7 VX MT7 seater, Manual19,70,000
2.7 ZX AT7 seater, Automatic22,48,000
GradeSummaryEx-Showroom Price
2.4 G MT7 seater, Manual16,64,000
2.4 G MT8 seater, Manual16,69,000
2.4 G+ MT7 seater, Manual17,92,000
2.4 G+ MT8 seater, Manual17,97,000
2.4 GX MT7 seater, Manual18,07,000
2.4 GX MT8 seater, Manual18,12,000
2.4 GX AT7 seater, Automatic19,38,000
2.4 GX AT8 seater, Automatic19,43,000
2.4 VX MT7 seater, Manual21,59,000
2.4 VX MT8 seater, Manual21,64,000
2.4 ZX MT7 seater, Manual23,13,000
2.4 ZX AT7 seater, Automatic24,33,000

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