Maruti Suzuki S CNG Cars price and specifications

Recently Maruti suzuki India has started a new brand campaign for CNG technology as S-CNG. The objective of the S CNG technology is to provide safety, performance and saving to its customer.

As we know the petrol and diesel price are rising year by year, which is the main factor for cost of car running. So there is need to move towards electric vehicles or CNG technology.

What is Maruti Suzuki S-CNG ?

In S-CNG technology , Maruti suzuki cars are equipped with intelligent injection system.  Cars are tuned and calibrated to deliver optimum performance and enhanced drivability across all kinds of terrains.

In this technology, CNG is integrated directly within the car on the factory floor by highly certified engineers. The objective of S-CNG technology is to deliver optimum performance, safety, engine durability, convenience and mileage.

Maruti Suzuki cars with S-CNG Technology

Most of Maruti suzuki arena models are covered in S cng technology. Maruti Alto, Celerio, Wagon R, S presso, EECO, Ertiga models are available with S CNG technology.

s cng Model Start Price (Ex-showroom) Mileage with  CNG (kmpl)
Maruti Alto 4.33 Lakh 31.69
Maruti Celerio 5.60 Lakh30.47
Maruti Wagon R5.25 Lakh 32.52
S presso 4.84 Lakh31.2
Maruti EECO4.95 Lakh20.88
Maruti Ertiga 8.95 Lakh26.08

Benifits of S-CNG

Improved performance

Maruti suzuki S CNG cars are equipped with Intelligent Injection system. They are designed to provide an optimum air-fuel ratio during combustion, thereby ensuring better and consistent performance along with high fuel efficiency.

In order to provide optimum performance, the  chassis, suspension setup and braking system are designed and tuned in the factory.

Enhanced Safety

To provide high level of safety with CNG kit , Maruti S CNG cars are valuated and tested for crashworthiness and durability with entire CNG System in place.

S CNG kit is configured with Stainless steel pipes & joints provide corrosion resistance and a leak-proof design to the entire CNG structure.

To overcome the short circuit in wiring harness, wiring harness of s cng is coupled inside.

Maruti S CNG vehicles are equipped with a micro switch which assures that vehicle goes-off and does not start during CNG fuel filling process.

Comfortable Convenience

Auto switch is provided to helps you to easily and instantly switch between CNG and Petrol.

Fuel level indicators is also provided in Maruti S CNG vehicles. And S CNG vehicles are available with extendable 5 year warrenty offeres.

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