6 Key features That Differentiate MG Gloster from Other SUV

MG Gloster will serve you a high level of safety along with luxury drive experience.

MG gloster has been introduced in Indian automotive market with advanced technology features. MG Gloster is available in diesel engine only. The gloster suv is powered by 2.0 L diesel engine. In our earlier post we have discussed about MG Gloster specifications and features, now we are revealing here 6 key features that differentiate the gloster suv from other SUV models.

As we know MG Gloster has been tagged as first autonomous suv model in India, the features like Adaptive cruise control, Automatic parking assists, forward collision warning system, automatic emergency braking, blind spot detection and lane departure warning makes it unique from other premium suvs.

Adaptive cruise control (ACC)

Adaptive cruise control is the advanced version of cruise control system. The Gloster suv is configured with this system which is helpful for long drives as it sense the road ahead and enables the vehicle to control its acceleration and braking to achieve desired speed but also maintain safe distance from cars ahead.

mg-gloter-Adaptive cruise control


Many times we face the problem of finding the parking space and parallel or vertical parking of our car in densely populated urban area. So Mg gloster comes with solution by incorporating Automatic parking assist system.

mg-gloster-automatic-parking system

This automatic parking assist system help mg gloster to identify the parking space for the suv .Once it judge the proper parking space, the gloster will will assist you in parking by controlling the steering movement automatically and telling the driver when to apply reverse and drive gear and apply brake.


Mg gloster suv makes your driver more safely by forward collision warning system which reduce the probability of collision. the Forward Collision Warning, alerts the driver with both visual and acoustic signals when a potential collision is detected with a four-wheeler, two-wheeler or a pedestrian.

mg-gloster-suv-forward-collision warning system


Forward collision warning system alert the driver for collision, but in case the driver dont take appropriate action on alert, Mg gloster’s automatic emergency braking (AEB) will get activated and apply brakes on your behalf to further prevent or reduce the severity of the possible collision.

mg-gloster-automatic emergency braking (AEB)


Manytime , even after adhering to all rules of the road , mishaps happen on the account of things out of your control.

Blind spot detection systems in MG Gloster suv use sensors to provide drivers with important information that is otherwise difficult or impossible to obtain. This feature detects and alerts the driver of any sudden movements in his/her blind spot – be it over-taking vehicles or side-lane strafing by motorcyclists.

mg-gloster-blind spot detection system


Lane Departure Warning in Mg gloster uses a camera to detect lane markings ahead and monitors the vehicle’s position in its lane. When LDW function detects that the vehicle is unintentionally, without signalling about to move out of its designated lane, it warns the driver by means of visual and acoustic signals.

Mg-gloster-lane-departure-warning system

If we purchase a expensive vehicle and it doesn’t provide sufficient safety to its passenger , than there is no value of that luxury vehicle. Here Mg gloster proved its value for the owner by providing high level of safe driving experience with the latest technology safety features.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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