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How to compare cars ?

You can only get a right car with right comparison.

Every one have dream to own the best car which meets their needs, expectations and give economic performance. When you start planning to buy a new car, your mind gets attention to each car model which passes near from you. You visit different dealerships to gather information about the car models and sometimes that creates a huge confusion in your mind. So here we are sharing some important information about how to compare the car models to get the best car.

1. Select car model segment type

The first step in buying a new car is to choose the right car model type i.e. hatchback, sedan, SUV, compact SUV or MPV. That selection will help you to make filter among the right product.

2. Choose a car price range

The second important thing that should be make is to select the price range which allows your pocket to own the right car. Your right financial decision for the desired car model will give you a mental peace all the time. A wrong price range selection could make happy the car company but it can imbalance your financial conditions. After selection of price range make a list of all the car models of different manufacturers in the selected segments to compare further important things.

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3.Select engine type

The next step to buy your car is to select the engine type which you want. Car engine selection is an important factor as it directly affect the economy of your driving. If you have less daily running or occasional running purpose only then you should go for petrol engine. But if you have daily running for long distance than diesel car will provides you a economical drive. In present scenario EVs are growing rapidly and if you need a car for office purpose or in city drive only than you can go for EVs.

While comparing the cars , you must know about engine performance parameters i.e. power and torque output, mileage etc. Generally diesel powered cars will offer you higher mileage with higher power and torque.

4. Transmission

Transmission comparison is also an important factor for selection of right car. In today’s market car manufacturers are launching new cars with both manual and automatic transmission options. Automatic transmission add an extra cost in the car. If big cities , the frequency of gear shifting is higher due to high traffic and it leads to body fatigue to operators. So in that case selection of automatic transmission allows you a comfortable drive over the journey.

5. Exterior Features

Exterior features in car models helps to enhance the beauty of the cars like LED lamps, ORVM with LED, rear parking camera, allow wheels etc. You can compare the feature of the different car models as per your need under your budget.

6. Interior features

You will only love your car when it serves you a luxurious and comfortable drive experience in all conditions. While comparing the car models, you must see the interior features like automatic climate control, cruise control, infotainment system, driver seat features, legroom space, Ac vents, roof window etc that meets your needs.

7. Safety Features

One of the biggest important factor in comparing new cars is safety features. A safe journey can only be possible with standard safety features. If your are driving a car without standard safety features than you are just putting your and your family life on higher risk. In present scenario, each car models have standard safety features like air bags, ABS with EBD, ISOfix seat for child, parking sensors and camera etc in their variant options.

8. After sale Service

You could have the best car but the best drive experience can only be possible with best service offer by the manufacturer. Improper or lack of service offers could ruin all your money that you have invested in your dream car. Many companies have high quality cars but due to lack of service opportunity in remote areas they are lagging behind in the market. So while comparing cars , you should check and review the serviceability by the manufacturer at your location.

9. Get Reviews about the cars

Many times we may assume any product as best with their look and advertisement , but after purchasing the car our experience with many things feels us to regret on our decision. So before buying a car , you should read or get the reviews of the car with all the pros and cons statements.

10. Compare car loans

A right financial decision could help you to save a lot of money. While comparing car , you should also compare car loan offers as your budget need finance with lower rate of interest and other charges.

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