Does our Vehicle needs new Security Features..?

 Does our Vehicle needs new Security Features..? 

In today’s world , the automotive world is spreading continuously with new innovation and features in the  vehicles and on the other hand crime scenario is also increasing with theft , hit and run , terrorism etc though these vehicles . So there is still a need for innovation in the field of safety and security in automobiles to reduce the crime and security threats to countries. There may be many ways to overcome the requirements but one solution can be made and that is all vehicles should have feature to identify the information of driver through a security card or driving license and GPS system. To generate this kind of system first we have to understand the need of this innovation.

  • In the present scenario many terrorist theft cars and use them in terrorism and other activities which are dangerous.
  • In many of countries like India, most of the accidents happen by underage drivers or the person who don’t have driving license.
  •  In many cases it is hard to identify theft vehicles.

How it will work?

To overcome the above requirements there is need to develop a kind of system which can ensure safety and security of vehicles and For this type of security system, there will be requirement of two system one a driving license with magnetic tape in which all the details of driver shall be filled and second is card reader which will be installed in car. When a driver needs to start a car, he has to swipe the card so that car can identify its owner and then he can move on.  It will be restrict the unknown person to start the car.

Benefits of this invention:

  1. All the cars will be configured with its owner information.
  2. This security system will restrict other  persons to misuse the vehicle.
  3. With combination of GPS and this safety feature, security agencies will able to know the position and driver information at any time.
  4. It will restrict the adults to give his car to child as it will need information of driving license.

These things will only be happen when certification agency and government will endorse automotive companies to implement the system. So with keeping the views of future need, automotive companies should be work on this kind of inventions along with collaboration with the governments to enhance security of the nations as well as the world.

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